n is for my new die cast toy car

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mum + i went to the mall 2 sundays ago + look what mum got me! it is a new die cast car to add to my growing collection of cars from the disney film, cars. this right here is sarge. if you are a fan of the film + its sequel, you will notice that sarge is often seen with the hippie car, fillmore. he runs the sarge’s surplus hut and is a world war II veteran.

here are a few more interesting facts about sarge we found on pixar wiki:

  1. his license plate reads 41WW2, which is a reference to world war II + the year when the us got in the war, 1941
  2. there are 3 versions of sarge released in the cars die-cast line: a regular version, a pit crew version {which is what i got} + a version where he is shown saluting the flag
  3. he is modeled after the famous willys mb jeep
  4. in one of the scene in the first film, sage says to next-door neighbor, fillmore “take a car wash, hippie! sounds familiar, that’s because another famous cartoon character used it, too, carl fredricksen in one of my fave films, up!

well, i hope you enjoy those tidbits of info about sarge. now, if you will excuse me, it is time to play with him + the rest of the gang! hopefully we can have fillmore in the group real soon! 🙂

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    hi buddy.. Visiting here for ABC share.. I too posted about our fave Disney film cars.. Here’s my post


    Still haven’t seen either of the Cars films!

    That is so cute! My son would love that too.

    My apologies for the late N visit. Trying to catch up before O arrives lol.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday


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