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apple iPod nano 16gb slate (7th generation) event sign-up

  join this awesome giveaway sign-up now! about the giveaway: giveaway happens on 08-29  july, 2013  we are giving away an apple iPod nano 16gb slate (7th generation)  the winner gets to choose from any of the available colors and add free engraving, too! sign-up details: first 50 bloggers to sign up gets a free […]

my ironman posters

i was bitten by the ironman bug and for awhile i was talking non-stop about it! mum got me the ironman official magazine which i read just about every day! dad also got me this super cool ironman poster from mcdonald’s the last time we went there to eat. it came free from the burger […]

my very first day at playschool

hello there folks! it has been pretty quiet around here since mum + i have been busy with a lot of stuff offline. mum has very limited time updating our blogs because of the many things we have to do in the real world. one of which, am so excited to tell you, is enrolling […]