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it’s halloween giveaway sign-up!

here is another giveaway sign-up for you to join! this time we are gearing up for one awesome Halloween Event! this is organized by: Mom Powered Media + a $500 K-Mart Gift Card is up for grabs! giveaway runs from 14-28 october + is open to US residents bloggers can get a free Twitter link in exchange for […]

kids in doodles: cool minion felt keychains

it was a few days to go before me + mum’s birthday + i am going to have a simple celebration in playschool with my classmates + our teacher.  so today for our kids in doodles i will share with you another minion stuff that mum will be putting on my birthday loot bag. these are […]

Boogie Wipes Blogger Sign-up

about the giveaway this is hosted by: The Boogie Babes Saline Ambassador group #BoogieBabesLUVBW. members are: Stacy from Dnbuster’s Place| Kelli from Not Your Average Mom| Ty from Mama of 3 Muchkins| Savanah from Savvy Shopper Central| Melody from Melody’s Freebies and finds| Sara from Sweet Silly Sara| Megan from Tilted Urban| Jennifer from Mama Dove on a Box| Jodi from W(e)il’d Hair & Accessories sponsored by:  Boogie Wipes, Kandoo and Puffs Fresh Faces this […]