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What to Expect at Good Car Dealerships

It seems that over the years, the expectation of car dealerships has declined. People go to a dealership expecting the worst. People assume they are going to be haggled, manipulated, pushed to buy, and more. But there are some car dealerships in Durham, NC, that are different. You shouldn’t put up with bad service. Here […]

toddler talk #1

mum stumbled upon this cool meme from another blog she visited a few days ago + cannot wait for us to join! she asked me these questions + wrote down my answers with her insights. read on + let me know what you think 🙂 1.  What are you going to be for Halloween? batman […]

The best online games for kids

Many kids love online games and would spend all day in front of their computers if you let them. So mums and dads will be pleased to know that they can easily find loads of safe educational online games for kids of all ages to enjoy. Learning games are good for younger kids, helping to […]