my 2013 christmas wish list

my favorite things, cars, toys, toy cars

christmas is right around the corner + while the grown ups, especially our parents busied themselves in preparation for that day, it will be most fun for us to make our christmas wish list as early as now, so we can tell our mums + dads, as well as our other loved ones, what exactly do we love to receive for christmas.

we brought home a catalog of a local toy store a few months back + i have been browsing it every time i find the chance since then. there are just too many cool + wonderful toys to choose from + sometimes i wish i can have everything i want in it!

my favorite things, cars, toys, toy cars

of course, i can only request for a couple of toys from my parents so i really need to choose very carefully. one of the toys at the top of my list will have to be this remote control lightning mcqueen car! it would be awesome to play with a lightning that actually runs + i bet i will have such a great time playing with it!

i would also love to have one or two new diecast cars to add to my little collection. i would really love to have fillmore + sally, hopefully we can still find some at the local toy stores. i would also love to have doc hudson + holly shiftwell! an ironman mask or a harry potter lego set will also be cool addition to my collection of toys!

my favorite things, cars, toys, toy cars

mum was browsing online the other day + we saw this exciting chasin cheeky toy. he’s a purple monkey that moves + shakes. you can even play with him by tossing him bananas! i bet it would also be fun to play with him at home so i wouldn’t mind getting one of these for christmas, too! 🙂

how about you, have you thought of your christmas wishlist yet? do share some of the items on your list in a comment below 🙂

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7 Responses to “my 2013 christmas wish list”

    Those are great and fun toys to have. This reminds me to prepare my own wish list as well. 🙂

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks! do share your wishlist with us 🙂

    I am sure that your parents will be getting what’s in your wishlist.

    Jared's Mum Says:

    hopefully they would 🙂

    mcqueen is also my son’s wish to have as gift

    Jared's Mum Says:

    i hope he gets his wish, too! 🙂

    For Christmas I only wish people would sponsor me $5.00, so I can move near my grandma. Thank you for letting me give my Christmas wish list.


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