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Advantages of Playing Roundominoes for Children

Roundominoes´ brain-teaser is a lot more exciting and thought provoking than your ordinary puzzle. We all know that puzzles stimulate that part of the brain that combines logic with creativity, but Roundominoes just takes that to a whole new level! With its round shapes and colorful pieces it simply draws the attention of the children […]

help raise 100 gifts for typhoon yolanda survivors

we are lucky that we get to enjoy many toys that our parents and loved ones have showered us on special occasions or on regular days {just because they want to give us something that cannot wait for any special reason}. i wish i can say the same for the children survivors of typhoon yolanda. […]

Health Tips to Pass on to your Children

one of my favorite healthy activities is playtime!  Many people believe that children are the future. They represent the next generation, include the next batch of world leaders and are the ones who will continue to make the world go round long after we are gone.Therefore, it is our duty to pass down to them […]