Tips When Shopping For Toddlers’ Shoes

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the funky grom trollop in cool red color

It is that time of the year again when mum is planning to get me a new pair of shoes since the Christmas season is just around the corner. If you must know, I do not normally wear shoes. I am mostly clad in my sandals as I prefer to wear them whenever we are out and I guess mum agreed that they are the most comfortable for my feet. So, I seldom wear my pair of rubber shoes and always opt for my comfy sandals before heading out the door. For this year, though, mum is considering to get me a pair of shoes from Reef, or similar shops, for a change. Brands like this have the style and sensibility of shoes while giving your feet the comfort of sandals, just perfect for rowdy little boys like me!

Shopping for toddlers’ shoes can be quite tricky but here are a few tips from mum you might want to keep in mind the next time you go shopping for your little one’s footwear:

Go For Comfort

Little boys and girls loves to move around a lot, and it is rather difficult to be our fun and boisterous way when we are moving about in tired and aching feet, that is why comfort is the first thing you need to consider whenever you plan to buy us shoes! Opt for those brands and styles that are made of soft fabrics and similar material that will protect our little digits without hurting them. Mum’s top pick is this cool and groovy pair of Grom Trollop slip-on shoes. It sure resembles her own pair of slip-ons, so we can go out in our matching shoes!

guest post, grown up stuff, kids fashion, tips + tricks

Consider Style

Of course, mums want their kiddos to be this little fashionistas, so they would always opt for those kid-friendly, yet stylish brands that will make their little ones look awesome! Going for shoes in different colorful shades would be ideal, but it is also important to stick to some of the basic and general colors that will go well with your little ones’ clothes. This Grom Soulwolf‘s neutral shade is a perfect example, as they will go so well with any little boy’s wardrobe.

Let the Little One Choose

Nothing excites us more than to have a say in any decision our parents make, so make sure you get the little ones’ opinion and consider it before making a purchase. The trick is to give us a couple of different shoes to choose from to make your job easier. Narrow your choices and let us pick which of the pairs we’d like to bring home, it will make us look forward to wearing the item knowing that we chose it ourselves. Plus, it also allows for everyone to enjoy the shopping experience to the fullest!

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photo op with turtle leonardo

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leonardo is my favorite turtle that is why i was so thrilled to have my photo taken with him when we chanced upon him at toy kingdom in sm aura. we recently went there to attend a spa party at peppermint salon {you may read more about our experience there on my post here}.

mum wasted no time in snapping this photo with the life-sized leonardo who was on display at the toy store’s window at the time.

it would’ve been nicer if the other turtles were around so that i can have my photos taken with them, too. but i was able to have photo opps with other beloved characters, too, so i was such a happy camper. i will share my other photo ops in another post.

have a good day! 🙂

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