Understanding Developmentally-Appropriate Practice and Childcare

Early childhood education should be a priority for every parent, politician, and educator. The value of early childhood education has been recognized in greater proportion over the past few years. Everyone should understand the importance of the foundational education years; so, whether you are a first time parent, a seasoned parent, a grandparent, a law maker, or an educator, you need to read on to learn about a few areas of focus for any early childhood education facility such as www.newportavepreschool.com and other providers of early childhood learning and experience.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Developmentally Appropriate Practice or DAP is an approach to teaching that is solidly grounded in the knowledge of how children learn and grow. So, in layman’s terms, it is taking what science and research knows about how children of various ages {usually birth to age five} develop, learn, and grow. Educators take this information and apply it to both the way a child learns individually and in a group. It is the ‘bar’ by which educators and caregivers can plan their activities and interactions.

Understanding the Individual

While it is good to understand the practice of general children by age group, a good caregiver or educator can look at the child as an individual. Each individual child has specific interests, abilities, and learning styles. A careful caregiver is able to observe how each child plays, what they play with, and their developmental progress. The caregiver, after observing the child, is able to take what he or she observes and tailors the education and activities to the specific child.

Cultural Considerations

While observing the educational practices of varying early childhood educational institutions such as www.newportavepreschool.com or Montessori in Tustin, it is important to see how they not only look at individual and group learning as well as how cultural differences and traditions affect the lives of the children both at home and in school or day care. Understanding cultural traditions is an important part of developmentally appropriate practice. Remember these things about proper learning and care and look for it in every piece of environment for the children in your life.

Jared Quips

Early children education is the cornerstone of how little children will learn later on in life, that is why it is a must to put stock on scientific and research-based early learning program that not only offer progressive ways for little children to learn but also provide tailor-made programs to suit each and every little individuals. Hopefully, when it is time

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a trip to the grocers

out + about, toddler, my favorite things, robinsons place malolos

a day after christmas we took a trip to the grocers. we’ve only been down to the newly opened robinsons place malolos once so we decided to check it out + do our grocery there. mum is not up to buying a lot since she plans to buy some stocks before new year’s eve, so we only grabbed a week’s worth of supplies + a couple of staples, including chicken, my milk, + a couple of veggies for dishes mum plans to cook for the next few days.

out + about, toddler, my favorite things, robinsons place malolos

a trip to the grocery or the mall is something i really enjoy since there are plenty of wide open spaces to run around. there are also loads of interesting + new items to check out + explore. but more so, i love going to the grocers because i love running around with the grocery cart. i used to ride those when i was a tad little but now that i’ve grown much, i enjoy pushing the cart around the grocers, especially when it’s still light + empty. mum + dad had to help me push it when it’s already teeming with grocery items!

when was your last visit to the grocers + did you also enjoy pushing the cart around? 🙂

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on christmas morning

christmas, toys, toddlers, gifts

how was your christmas eve? i was up all night that by midnight i was deep in slumber off to zzzzland. the grownups can’t wake me up to open my gifts + joined our simple christmas feast, but it was okay as i’ve already gobbled up a couple of hotdogs on stick which mum prepared earlier. so we just opened my gifts on christmas morning.

christmas, toys, toddlers, gifts

i received two gifts from mum + dad. the first one is this cool lightning mcqueen remote control car, which i really love! the other one is this awesome bumblebee kre-o set, which you can assemble into a robot + a car. i also got this teenage mutant ninja turtles slate pad from my tita cel.

christmas, toys, toddlers, gifts

tita bel spent most of christmas day trying to fix my bumblebee car as mum helped her out. this is the first christmas we just stayed here at home instead of dressing up + going out. oh well, i don’t mind, i was in the best company + i was really having a wonderful time playing with my new toys! ^_^

i hope your christmas day was as good as ours!

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