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Understanding Developmentally-Appropriate Practice and Childcare

Early childhood education should be a priority for every parent, politician, and educator. The value of early childhood education has been recognized in greater proportion over the past few years. Everyone should understand the importance of the foundational education years; so, whether you are a first time parent, a seasoned parent, a grandparent, a law […]

a trip to the grocers

a day after christmas we took a trip to the grocers. we’ve only been down to the newly opened robinsons place malolos once so we decided to check it out + do our grocery there. mum is not up to buying a lot since she plans to buy some stocks before new year’s eve, so […]

on christmas morning

how was your christmas eve? i was up all night that by midnight i was deep in slumber off to zzzzland. the grownups can’t wake me up to open my gifts + joined our simple christmas feast, but it was okay as i’ve already gobbled up a couple of hotdogs on stick which mum prepared […]