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from my mailbox: 3d panda postcard from japan

pandas are really adorable animals + i would really want to see them in person one day. but in the meantime, i guess this 3d panda postcard i got from japan is just as wonderful. aren’t they lovely? the 2 panda heads move up + down when i shake the card + i find that […]

off to school we go

mum + i have a new routine now that i am back to attending playschool. i have classes 3x a week + mum + i would wake up real early so we’ll have enough time to prepare before we leave. after we ate breakfast, bathed and watched a little telly, it is off to school […]

Keeping My White Stuff White

Ever since I was an infant, mum made it a point to clothe me in white, she said she finds those infant tie-side shirts and those itsy bitsy little booties and mittens look so much better in white. Mum also bought me a couple of dozens of cloth diapers, which was later on used as […]