looking for 30 bloggers to review tmart products

We recently did a review on one of Tmart.com‘s items {you may check it out here} + now they want to get more honest opinions from customers, so they are looking for 30 more bloggers to review their hot, new + unique products. Chosen bloggers will get to receive items free of charge in exchange for their honest opinions.

Here are the products available for review:

  1. Stars Music 3rd Generation Alarm Clock Projector {Original price $17.09}
  2. ABS Water Glow Power 7 Colors Changing LED Flash Light Bathroom Hand Held Shower Head {Original price $18.99}
  3. 8 Wheel 3D Fimo Slice Nail Art Decoration Set {Original price $15.80}
  4. 5kg x 1g 1.7″ Digital Weight Kitchen Food Diet Scale H318 White {Original price $28.0}

+ here are the blog requirements:

  1. they are looking for family-friendly domain name blogs with page rank of 1 to 7
  2. blogs has to be indexed by Google
  3. blogs with domain age of more than 6 months and with more than 1,000 Facebook Page followers.
  4. blogs with no gambling, pornography or illegal trading links

This will run until the 28th of January + those who have worked for T-mart before need not apply.

Review rules:

  1. Choose from the products listed above for the ones you like to review.
  2. You may choose more products if you have multiple blogs that meet our requirements
  3. Send an email to cheneyaustin82@yahoo.com with the following details: blog url, the date when your blog started, your chosen product/s
  4. If your blog meets their requirements, they will send you an email to confirm your shipping details. 
  5. Email them once you received the shipped item.
  6. Create a review of the product on your blog + include the following: product image, 2 anchor text links, one linking to tmart.com + the other to the product you are reviewing. Make sure to include “tmart reviews” as keywords, too.
  7. You may choose a number of products depending on the number of blogs you have, choose 2 products to review if you have 2 blogs, etc.

If any of your blogs qualified, do not forget to sign up now, right? 🙂

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from my mailbox: astro boy postcard

collections, cartoons, cartoon characters, postcards

check out this cool astro boy postcard we got last year. it came from malaysia + mum got it from one of her direct swaps. she loves swapping for postcards with cartoon characters, especially those that she’s sure i will love. we have just watched the astro boy movie so i was introduced to this character. mum said astro boy was already in existence when she was a young boy + there used to be an animated series of him shown on the telly weekly.

i enjoyed watching the astro boy film so i really loved it when we got this postcard. i am sure i will enjoy the cartoon series just as much, hopefully they will come up with a new one or that they would re-release the old series.

do you also love collecting postcards? let me know which interesting cards you received in your mailbox recently + if you’d like to swap with me, right?

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