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This Cool Car

we were out one night to buy takeaway dinner from my favorite fast food when we chanced upon this cool car at the parking lot. a mini cooper! mum did not wait a second to snap this souvenir shot and i do hope the car’s owner won’t mind. she also mentioned that she saw a […]

watching the lego movie

mum + dad promised we’d watch the lego movie + we did the day before valentines! :Movie-Time: the film is something both the grown-ups + the children would enjoy but am sure i was the one who enjoyed it much more than my parents did! i loved that batman + the other superheroes were there. i […]

kids in doodles: my very own diy frame

happy wednesday boys + girls, it is time for another round of kids in doodles! today am sharing all about the diy frame i created last year when mum + i joined the mom + me fun circuit. read on to know more about it…. we participated in the press preview of mom + me […]