This Cool Car

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we were out one night to buy takeaway dinner from my favorite fast food when we chanced upon this cool car at the parking lot. a mini cooper!

mum did not wait a second to snap this souvenir shot and i do hope the car’s owner won’t mind. she also mentioned that she saw a similar car in front of the municipal hall when she was down there doing some errands. do you reckon both cars belong to the same person?

with the model, the color and the design, we really thought this car is cool + awesome, don’t you?  :Cool:


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watching the lego movie

mum + dad promised we’d watch the lego movie + we did the day before valentines! :Movie-Time:

the film is something both the grown-ups + the children would enjoy but am sure i was the one who enjoyed it much more than my parents did! i loved that batman + the other superheroes were there. i was also surprised when one of my faves michelangelo of the teenage mutant ninja turtles made an appearance at the master builders’ meeting.

emmet + wyldstyle are now my favorites + yes, i also enjoyed the lego movie theme, everything is awesome, + i’ve sung + hummed it on many occasions after we saw the film!

did i mention i also completed the happy meal cups inspired by the lego movie? i will share all about them in another post. see yah!

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kids in doodles: my very own diy frame

happy wednesday boys + girls, it is time for another round of kids in doodles!

fun activities for children, pre-schooler, Kids in Doodles
today am sharing all about the diy frame i created last year when mum + i joined the mom + me fun circuit. read on to know more about it….

fun activities for children, pre-schooler, Kids in Doodles

we participated in the press preview of mom + me fun circuit last year + we did 3 exciting activities with other kids + their mums. one of those is a stop to kidzart in mandaluyong city, where we got to make our own frames. it sure was a very awesome experience to be doing some arts + crafts with other kids.

we painted our black frames with watercolor. one of the teachers there helped me with my clouds + grass drawing, while i went on to cover them with watercolor. am not really good at this since i have just tried watercolor painting about 2 times! but i think i did pretty well.

fun activities for children, pre-schooler, Kids in Doodles

after finishing my painting, i tapped this ball and car cutouts onto my frame, i have also painted these papers with watercolor ~ blue for the car and orange for the ball! after mum put a number of big paperclips onto my project, i know have my very own diy frame + mum was so excited to display it at home. she placed a photo of me from my 3rd birthday in my cool frame + it now hangs in our kitchen shelves. what do you think?

by the way, for this summer mom + me has lined up a couple of fun to be fit series where mum + children can get to enjoy fun physical activities like yoga + swimming, you can read all about it in this post here.

join + link up your awesome creation with us. add one of our badges + do not forget to visit our other playmates, too, to keep our game fun + enjoyable. will be waiting for your entries then.

happy wednesday!  :Delighted:

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