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happy father’s day!

our fathers are the best man in our lives. he is one of our first best friends, our favorite playmates + pal to play games with + watch our favorite films with. he is simply awesome. he is our hero + our role model. he is our inspiration to be a better man when we […]

happy independence day!

i bet you’ve already seen the new google doodle in time for the philippine’s independence day celebration? it is very colorful + depicts the philippine culture of bayahinan + even had the philippine flag in it. i have yet to know all about the story of our independence + i cannot wait for mum to […]

f is for my big lightning mcqueen flapbook

i did not get around to finish the abc hop i joined over the summer as mum + i had been rather busy with a number of things at that time. so am thinking of finishing the meme at my own pace, anyway, + share a number of fun, colorful + hopefully enjoyable stuff for […]