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UNICEF champions children’s rights with commemorative events

Unicef Philippines is holding two events this year to commemorate Typhoon Yolanda and the 25thanniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). In photo are Lotta Sylwander, UNICEF Representative for the Philippines (2nd from left), Zafrin Chowdhury, Unicef Chief for Communications and Private Fundaising and Partnership (1st from left), Grace Alejandrino, OIC […]

spooky scooby-doo happy meal toys

we recently went to mcdonald’s + guess what i saw when i went straight to their new happy meal toys display  rack? these cool yet spooky scooby-doo happy meal toys! i think they are fun to play with. i particularly liked the monster hand + scurrying eyeball. mum said they were scary but i thought they were really […]

kids in doodles: coloring + drawing on a holiday

  hello there boys + girls! it has been a very long, looong while since we last had a kids in doodles post + now that mum + i had a day’s off from our daily activity, thanks to the eid al adha holiday, we found the time to sit down + wrote this post! […]