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Spin to Greatness with the Infinity Nado

the lovely Nado coaches: Coach Jessica, Coach Gem and Coach Angel as they show you how to be a top Infinity Nado player If you are a little boy like me, I am sure you will also get all excited about the prospect of having new toys. + I bet you’d jump at any chance […]

Celebrating Christmas in School

i don’t believe i told you all about our christmas celebration in school. this is the first time i am joining a christmas party in school as i’ve just started schooling this year + i did enjoy it! the weekend before our party, mum + i were busy preparing my gifts for my classmates + my […]

my new fave read

not too long ago mum came home with a huge bag filled with books + i was so excited to check them out. apart from the many books for grown-ups, there are also a number of great reads for me + i simply cannot wait to browse through them. my favorite from my new reads […]