From The Toy Box: Dinosaur Excavation Kit

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How is your summer so far? Are you bored or have you found some interesting ways to pass your time. I sure hope I can squeeze in a few more activities before summer is over. I would love to learn how to play one of those 60s guitars, but I am not sure if mum can find an affordable music tutor nearby.

Anyway, it was another one of those lazy summer afternoons when mum unearthed this National Geographic Channel Dinosaur Excavation Kit so I can play with it. I’ve had it for a while now but have not found the time to play with it. I was also down with coughs and colds when we received it that mum kept it until I am well and free from the sniffles. The educational toy kit include this small grey block, a small brush, + a chisel. The goal is to dig into the small block until you find the remains of a dinosaur buried somewhere underneath.

played adventurers for a day + found this seismosaurus! #jaredslittlecorner #weekend #fms_photoaday #fms_neutrals

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Mum set up my chairs outside + unboxed this toy. I dug the afternoon away, searching for a sign of a dinosaur in between the dust and the rubble. With a little help from mum, I finally managed to dig up this cool seismosaurus from the block. Don’t you think he was cool? It was also an awesome idea to be a little adventurer for a day, searching for this buried treasure. I think dinosaurs are very awesome creatures + I also currently like the film, The Good Dinosaur, which we saw at the cinema a few months back. Mum downloaded a copy + I’ve watched it several times at home.

my favorite things, toys, educational toys for children

What is your current favorite toy? I will be featuring my new Hot Wheels Speedtropolis Playset next and I hope you stay tuned for that. Cheers!


25 Responses to “From The Toy Box: Dinosaur Excavation Kit”

    Looks likes an educational and fun activity for kids. I would love to dig one myself too. Haha (young at heart) Is the block that hard?

    jareds_mum Says:

    I am sure you will enjoy it. My mum had the time of her life helping me to uncover the treasure inside the block! 😀

    Wowaa! This is awesome. Something the kinds now a days cant identify. Would love to have this for my kid to play and explore.

    jareds_mum Says:

    I am not sure where you can find these toys, but I sure hope you can get one for your little one soon.

    This would be a nice gift for a kid who really enjoys dinosaurs. My eldest love dinosaurs but he may not be interested with this toy yet since he’s just 3. I hope you can feature the 3-D pen as well. I have seen a lot of this on toy stores and would love to get an idea on what a child could do with such a genius toy.

    jareds_mum Says:

    A 3-D pens sounds like a cool toy, too, but I have yet to get my hands on one. I will make sure to feature it here once I do!

    Cute and great idea of writing in this perspective. How about treasure hunting? That’s a nice kit huh. I will buy one for my nephew. 🙂

    jareds_mum Says:

    Yep it is, although I hope the little one can take over the blogging duties around here very soon! 😛 It is, indeed. I hope you find one for your nephew soon. 🙂

    What a fun thing to do in summer. Perfect for kids to bond with their parents or with their friends.

    jareds_mum Says:

    It sure is! 🙂

    Such a fun and cool activity for kids! I hope young people will enjoy more things like this. And not be totally hooked up with just mere gadgets.

    jareds_mum Says:

    I am guilty about being hooked on gadgets as well, but am glad I also have time for awesome toys like this! 🙂

    This proves that there are things that kids can still enjoy outside their iPads (??). However, I wonder what’s in it after you unblocked the remains. I think this could be more interesting if it has a mysterious creature inside that can be displayed afterwards.

    jareds_mum Says:

    I guess you can also display the dinosaur inside, it would look interesting on anyone’s bookshelf! 🙂

    wowww! niceee! This is great! Helps more with our kids’ amazing imaginations!

    jareds_mum Says:

    Sure is! 😀

    Ohh this is a good one!! Great way of learning new things!! 🙂

    jareds_mum Says:

    It is! 😀

    this is perfect for kids who simply love dinosaurs! I just remember my friend who has been struggling about his son’s passion about dinosaurs. I will tell her about this toy, I am sure this would be a perfect gift to give. As for my son, his recent toys are from McDonalds. I got the chance to collect some of the Angry Birds toys which are the featured theme of the shop this month. In fact, I have blogged about it HERE.

    jareds_mum Says:

    We will check out your post about the Happy Meal Angry Birds toys. We also managed to complete those but have not blogged about it yet! ^_^

    Awwwee, you really inspired me kiddo! I love how you share your thoughts and hobbies online. Your toy is cute though, you remind me of my baby brother before. 🙂

    jareds_mum Says:

    Thank you! ^_^

    This really cool for boys. My son will love this toy too.

    jareds_mum Says:

    It is! Hopefully you can find one for your son.

    This is not only cool but an educational too. This toy is not available when my kids are still small.


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