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Am a gradeschooler who is simply enjoying every bit of life. I love learning + playing with my classmates + teachers in school. I also enjoy a load of other activities like watching my favorite cartoons on the telly, playing with my toys, reading books, going on afternoon jogs with mum. I also love animals + enjoy spending time outdoors + visiting zoos to observe + learn all about them. i absolutely love Lego, Transformers, Cars, Planes, + everything Disney, the Minions, + I really love collecting Happy Meal toys. 

This blog is the online account of my daily adventures in my little corner of the world {of course, it is mum doing the blogging for now, while i master the art of speaking, writing, + all those things, but i am definitely taking over very soon!}  :Wink: 

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I disclose…

this is a pr-friendly blog, where we feature films, toys, products + services for children, + basically anything child-related. do drop in a line for queries on product + company features + reviews, events, books or giveaways. you may use the contact form below, or you can simply email mum at vix.parungao@gmail.com 






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