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d is for my doodles

did i tell you i am now enjoying making all those doodles much to my mum’s delight. i did not imagine learning to write + doodling can be quite enjoyable + i really thank my teachers at playschool for being patient with me while they teach me how to write. now i know i need […]

c is for captain america

we did not get to see the first captain america film, i think i am still a teensy-weensy baby at the time.but i did watch it on the telly a number of times with mum + dad. that is why i was very excited when i found out that it is going to have a […]

a is for april, activefun + the arcade!

the fourth month of the year, april, is finally here! according to wiki, this month name came from the latin word aprilis, which means “to open,” as this month is often associated with spring. so what activities do you have lined up for the month? for the first week i shall be busy with my swimming […]