The Best Way to Keep Track of Heart Rate While Working Out

You can tell how hard you are working by monitoring your heart rate. When you are working out, a heart rate monitor can help you determine if you are running or walking fast enough. This information matters because keeping your heart rate up helps you to burn calories and fat. The MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor is a great tool for those who want to keep track of their heart rate while working out.

The product looks like a watch, and you put it on almost like you would put on a watch. In seconds, you are ready to monitor your heart rate wherever you go. Before you start a workout, it is a good idea to check your resting heart rate. This gives you some context as to how hard your heart is working when you are not exercising. When you are done working out, you should check your heart rate again to ensure that you are coming back closer to your resting heart rate.

If you are taking a long time to get back to your resting heart rate, it means that your body is burning fat after your workout. It can also be a sign that your body is having a hard time recovering after a workout. Customers who have any questions about how the product works or how to order it can contact a customer service representative by phone or email 24/7.

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P is for Postcrossing

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mum loves receiving + sending postcards + since she noticed that i appreciate the postcards that she received, especially those that feature my favorite disney characters like woody from toy story + lightning mcqueen from cars, she created my very own profile last february.

since then i have sent a couple of postcards. of course mum has to choose the postcards for me + write on them + send them on my behalf. i have also received a number of postcards + I will share them with you in upcoming posts. mum also had a direct swap with someone from hongkong for a bunch of cool cars postcards which i cannot wait to show you!

if you’re interested to swap with me, do send me a message through my profile. you can also check out our postcards for swap in this album. i would love to trade them with any cars, toy story or ironman postcards! 🙂

my share for this week’s ABC Wednesday

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