kids in doodles: my very first merry-go-round

today i am sharing with you the first time mum  + went to funranch. mum has written about it in details here. this is also the first time i ride the merry-go-round and the ferris wheel. i was a bit scared at first but enjoyed it anyway. i was riding with mum since i am still a bit young to be riding on my own. apart from these rides, we have also tried riding the train (the funranch express) + crossing the hanging bridge. we would have tried the other rides too, but i was getting a little late + we need to go home. maybe some other time, i wil ask mum to bring me there again. i will be sure to sample each of the rides they have 😉

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kids in doodles 02: baby reading

one of the things that i enjoy doing is reading. i’d stare at the photos in my books, point to them + sometimes, i even pretend i could read them 😉

it was something i got from my mum. she has been reading to me in utero + would always read the book the land before time (a tale of a baby dinosaur named littlefoot + his adventures with his friends, cera, spike, + ducky) before we dose off to dreamland.

one of my most favorite book is a boardbook mum got me with photos of cars, trains + airplanes. i just love it!

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kids in doodles 01: my upside-down musical table

this is a photo of me taken early this year. mum particularly liked this photo because this is one of those very few moments that my smile is captured in pictures, + mum definitely love my smiles. plus, it also captures my fun + playful side.
i was playing here with my musical table turned upside down, like a make-shift platform. i enjoyed sitting or stepping up and down on it, much to my mum + my titas’ protest + collective sighs..what i did is remove the top part (the one with my little piano + musical playthings) first before i topple the rest of the table over, after a while it will be the table’s legs (the blue part) turn to go as i knock them over. simply fun! maybe you can try it too:)
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