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Simple Things Every Parent Can Do To Help Little Kids Learn At Home

Teaching can both be fun and difficult, much like learning. When kids are little, they can easily learn by simply observing and repeating what they hear. Let them watch for a couple of minutes, and they’ll be able to soak knowledge like a sponge. Once they start school, however, parents tend to pass the full […]

Out + About: Instant Weekend Playdate

| Outdoors | If there is one thing this generation is missing, it is the ample time spent outdoors ~ to play, get dirty, and enjoy life. I am guilty of this often as it is most convenient for this mum to have my little one cooped up at home, occupied with his games or […]

The Benefits Of Music On Child Development

Music has always been incorporated in children education and for all the good reasons. Parents and child expert have deemed music to play an essential role in children’s development. Exposing a child to music early on in life as much as possible is also recommended as music is proven to soothe babies with colic or […]