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Toy Review: Hot Wheels Speedtropolis Playset

We received the Hot Wheels Speedtropolis Playset earlier this year. I absolutely love cars so I was very happy to see it and way too excited to open it! Dad + I immediately opened the package and set it up before mum can even take photos. The Speedtropolis Playset has the following features: The elevator […]

toy stories 02: my musical table

  my musical table is a gift i got from mum + dad on my very first birthday. apart from the colorful knobs + dials that i enjoy twiddling + pressing, the balls + the leaping frog + the merry-go-round mushroom + the fun sounds they make, it also has a small piano on the […]

mommy + me monday: + mum steals a kiss!

  since i shared my very first kiddie fun ride experience a little while back, i want to share a couple of more photos we had back then. this time it was a photo of me + mum, whilst we line up for the queue to the funranch express. this snapshot was taken by my […]