a blogger’s checklist

i’ve been a subscriber of daniel scocco for sometime now, and i’ve been learning a lot from his posts and here is yet another tip and trick i would like to share with you, especially the newbies (just like myself) in blogging. we have quite a lot to learn along the way, and thanks to sites like DailyBlogTips, loads of information and helpful tips are available to us online and free of charge!
read the entire article here.
i particularly need to remind myself of tip #5, i almost always end up publishing my post with a wrong spelling because i failed to proofread it twice (since i will always overlook something the first time i read it)
so the next time you click “publish” make sure you’ve ticked all these hints for a publish-perfect post. hope it helps!
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in memoriam

Adoracion de Leon Parungao
October 25, 1949 – February 03, 2007
 “But she wasn’t around,  
and that’s the thing when your parents die, 
you feel like instead of going in to every fight with backup, 
you are going into every fight alone.”
  ~ Mitch Albom (For One More Day
and maybe, maybe if thinking about it won’t hurt as much anymore
and writing about it won’t bring as much tears as it does
and maybe, maybe if growing older meant a better ability to cope
and if the passing of time will erase the pain 
and fill the void…
maybe, i’ll just cheer myself with the thought
that you were looking down on us,
and saw my little boy, 
and you smiled…


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the barrel blogging reviews february 2011 issue

the latest issue of the barrel magazine is up. you can find it on my sidebar or if you are interested to have it on your sidebar too, simply head on to their site for the code and other inquiries.

articles worthy of mention are the delectable recipes (as always) and photography 101 with marissa vargason, and the lovely, little craft works. i tell you it is an e-magazine worthy of your time! but don’t just take my word for it, head on to their sit now for your very own barrel experience!

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Whatta Wonderful Week! #1

firstly, i would like to apologize for the delay in my posting for this blog hop, i should’ve posted this last monday, but childminding, amongst other things, got in the way..so without further ado, this is my entry to the very first whatta wonderful week blog meme! hosted by our very own, pinay mommy blogger, mommy trish.

last week, i finished two paid to post articles, which is now posted here and the one for bv posted here. i did metion that one of my 2011 resolution is to earn through blogging, so hopefully, slowly but surely i’ll be able to accomplish just that:)

i also went to the eye doctor last saturday; i was playing around with my son friday night when i felt something caught in my right eye, which instantly hurt my eye and made it watery. upon inspection, my bro, ken and sis, cel, found this little wood splinter or insect lodged in my eye (in between the eye balls and that pink soft part). my fears kicked into overdrive with my mind quickly reasoning “you can still do your childminding duties with one eye!). but just so i can stop fuzzing and worrying, i went to an eye doctor the next day to have it examined and, blessed be, it turned out to be a mole that i just wasn’t able to discover before now. weird, right?

on sunday, jared and i (with my sis, cel, in tow) went to the grand baby company fair and met jared’s ultimate favorite, pocoyo! apart from that we also managed to score some good buys and fantabulous freebies. (i will make a separate post about it!)


 here’s how we play this meme, straight from mommy trish’s post:

So how do you join every Monday? Simple: just share with us any positive and happy event/s that happened to you during the previous week, like a family trip you enjoyed, a new blessing or good news, a thoughtful deed from someone you know or love that really made your day, and anything that you learned that inspired or gave you hope. Feel free to share anything that really made your week wonderful! 🙂

Then grab any of the badges below to include in your post and to put in your sidebar or badge pages to help spread WWW.

joining is easy enough, ayt? unfortunately, the linky closed a couple of minutes ago, so i’ll make sure to post my entry asap next week to be included, and you must do the same:)
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