a mummyblogger event

i was doing my daily habit of browsing thru the topics in the SP Forum yesterday when i came across this one from mommy lace, another one of the lovely mummy blogs i follow, i didn’t know she was in SP as well. so i quickly signed up to get information and it turned out  she has  prepared a small party for mummy bloggers and our little ones at ActiveFun, SM City North Edsa for this coming friday, 08 October.  

that sounds great, right? i have never been to any blogger event before and this is a great way to start that adventure, and i’ve asked permission from daddy as well right before i send my RSVP.

got your invite to the event yet? i’ve provided the link here. and don’t forget to visit mommylace.com as well.

am looking forward to meeting all you blogger mummies come friday .


meet me on monday

i chanced upon this blog hop from mamybelle, one lovely blog that i follow, and thought it very interesting and quite easy too, all i need to do is answer 5 questions about myself each monday. this is a fun way of learning about other people in the blogosphere and learning a thing or two about myself in the process as well  and to stock up on my blog, since i just barely started it 2 months back and most importantly combat writer’s block (which i have perennial bouts with). and although it is technically a tuesday, my tuesday begins later when my son awakes so it is still monday on my book…so here goes my very first meet me on monday


1. What is the best dish you can make?
2. How often do you change your sheets?
3. What is the longest car trip you have ever taken?
4. What is your favorite fruit?
5. Would you rather have breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?

and my answers:

1.  i am not really a cooking mum, but would love to be one real soon so i can serve delicious and nutritious meal for my baby.   but i really love my mama’s spaghetti and it is really one of the best dishes she can make, in fact it is one of the things that everybody misses about her. i would one day soon make a version of it!


2. taking into consideration that i share the bedsheet with a one year old, who often that not has ocassional spit ups, or would just sweetly drool on it unaware in his sleep, i normally change the sheets every week just to make sure we keep it clean and good-smelling.

3. the longest car trip i ‘ve ever taken is 9 hours

4.  my favorite fruit is strawberries, healthy and yummy at the same time.

5. i’d readily choose breakfast for dinner cause we normally have that at home.

if you would like to link with meet me on monday, just click here.

take care one and all!


my little snuggly bear..

no more staying up late at night for me, my new mantra is to sleep when my son sleeps.

i would normally wait for my son to sleep so i can give my full attention to blogging or whatever task am doing and would normally end up staying up late into the night till the wee hours of the morning before i hit the sheets and my son ending up sleeping on his own in our bed where we are supposed to be co-sleeping!

we’ve started co-sleeping since jared was brought home from the hospital, first having his crib at arm’s reach (cause i was afraid at that time that i might crush him while we sleep so he has to stay in the crib for a while until i had enough guts to have him lay beside me in bed)  in my bedside so i can attend to his every need in a drop of a hat, and after a few weeks have him sleeping beside me or in my chest.

i have read quite a few interesting facts on co-sleeping and  is fully convinced that babies benefit much from it, even reducing the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), being less susceptible to stress related disorders and will, in later life, exhibit more independence than their peers. plus, mother-instinctively-speaking, i felt it is the best thing to do.  and it wasn’t only my son who’s benefiting from it.  i seem to relax more when i feel his breathing rise and fall and consciously would hold my breath a little to sync with his. plus i love the smell of my baby, for me it is my small bit of heaven (or big bit as my boy is quite a big baby!) i delight in the pleasure of having my son and all his 12-kilo (or more since it has bee a month since we’ve last been to his pedia) glory lay on my chest as he sleeps soundly.add to that the joy that it brings me to feel him tug me close while he sleeps or reach for me when he awakens, the bliss that is motherhood…

so the new routine now goes: i sleep with my son when he sleeps and if i wake up later on, say 2 or 3am, that’s when i plug in the pc again or read a book or go to the loo (that’s the bathroom) as quickly as i can, or anything i can do without leaving the room or waking my son up. but if i sleep soundly, blame it on my son for rubbing it on me, then it’s another long uninterrupted (save for the times i had to wake up so jared can feed or when i had to change his dappy) sleep and a more than welcome change.

how about you, when did you start co-sleeping with your baby?