watching how to train your dragon 2 at home

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my how to train your dragon 2 happy meal toys are out to hang out with me so we can watch the film together. mum downloaded a very clear copy of the film online + i was really excited to see it again. we were able to catch it when it was shown in the cinemas about 2 months ago, but a film this good needs to be seen again + again! ^_^

movies, collection, my favorite things, toys, happy meal toys

lucky we were able to complete all 7 happy meal toys just in time, otherwise, toothless won’t get to sit beside us on the sofa so he can see how cool he was in the film, challenging the very huge alpha dragon so he can defend his friend, hiccup! isn’t toothless the most awesome dragon of all? with those retractable teeth + amazing blue flames, to boot!

movies, collection, my favorite things, toys, happy meal toys

for those of you who are not familiar with the lovable dragons from this film, let me introduce you to:

  • hookfang, that red dragon with wide wings {first photo}
  • cloudjumper is the blue-and-green dragon, while the one with a shooter is bewilderbeast
  • that 2-headed dragon is belch + barf, which are also ridden by twin riders, ruffnut + tuffnut
  • that purple-yellow cutey is baby scattleclaws
  • of course you all know toothless + his best bud, hiccup, right?
  • grump is the orange one
  • + the orange-and-green dragon is terrible terror

well, i hope you enjoy meeting my dragon toys + do check out their film if you haven’t seen it yet, right? 😉



krispy kreme teenage mutant ninja turtles donuts

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mum cannot make me watch the new teenage mutant ninja turtles film no matter how much she convinced me that it will probably be a cool film. i only need to see the trailer + i am sure i do not want to see it. i guess the turtles are too scary this time around for my little boy’s taste. i thought they looked like monsters + i am certain i will be terrified if ever i see them on the big screen.

the donut version of my favorite turtles on the other hand is an entirely different story. even though i am not eating donuts yet, i find them real awesome. good thing mum bought me these turtle donuts from krispy kreme. of course, it was the grown ups who enjoyed eating them afterwards but i did enjoy looking at them + putting the stickers that came with them on our wall!

teenage mutant ninja turtles, cartoons, my favorite things

+ did i say i also cannot resist having my photo taken with this big krispy kreme leonardo poster? isn’t he awesome? but no, thanks, i am still not watching the film!



List of LED Street Lights Providers in the UK

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Street lights have played a very important role in our daily lives. They make traversing the otherwise deserted streets at night easier, safer and more convenient. In recent years, people’s environmental consciousness has tremendously improved paving the way for people to realize the importance of going green and always choosing greener and more earth-friendly alternatives. This is also the reason why people prefer using greener energy in daily living. One of these options is LED street lights and Makeledlight gives a details discussion about these type of lights.

LED street lights are more cost-effective as they consume less electricity and give a more directional light, thereby lessening light pollution. Each LED street light uses different LED and optic configurations to provide excellent road coverage and high uniformity. This is one of the primary reasons why more and more manufacturers in the world are making these type of lights with LED street lights UK being a few of the most popular ones.

Light Emitting Diode lights, also known as LEDs, commonly used for flickering indicators on machines, vehicle headlights, industrial lighting and streetlights, has the following outstanding benefits:

  • • Concentrates the light onto the road and footway where it is needed, with less light pollution into homes and gardens.
  • • Eliminates the use of hazardous materials contained in sodium vapor lamps.
  • • Directs the light downward onto the roadway reducing the amount of light that is directed into driver’s eyes or the glare. LED lighting could mean safer roads across the country as streets can be lit up brighter at a lower cost, making pedestrians more easily spotted by drivers at night.
  • • Produces more light for the amount of energy used than traditional incandescent bulbs, with less energy lost as heat.
  • • LED lighting also minimizes maintenance and re-lamping with its expected average life of 60,000 hours.

Philips and GE are the leading LED manufacturers in the world. Along with them, there are also a number of manufacturers in the UK that opt to make these environment-friendly lights, including the following:

  • • Gemma Lighting Ltd ~ an innovative, energy conscious and environmentally friendly LED street light manufacturer.
  • • The City of Ann Arbor (MI) ~ has been running a pilot project to try out LED street lights in one of the first such installations in the country.
  • • LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. (LRL) ~ which selected Sony UK to manufacture lighting fixtures to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding UK and European market.
  • • Hilclare Lighting ~ manufactures and supply luminaires and lighting solutions for business and the public sector.
  • • Fisher & Company ~ manufactures belisha beacons. feeder pillars, enclosures, column brackets and a host of accessories and other related equipment to the street lighting industry.
  • • SWARCO~ is world leader in the development and production of LED-based traffic signal heads, once more demonstrates its pioneering approach and innovative capability.

It is good to note that many manufacturers from the UK can now provide high-quality LED light products and more and more people are opting to purchase LED street light UK. It is also good to know that modern technology can now be a vital key in making sure we take the necessary steps to help make the environment cleaner and safer.

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