d is for my doodles

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did i tell you i am now enjoying making all those doodles much to my mum’s delight. i did not imagine learning to write + doodling can be quite enjoyable + i really thank my teachers at playschool for being patient with me while they teach me how to write. now i know i need to polish my writing abilities that is why i practice as much as i can.

doodles, pre-schooler, blogging from a to z challenge, blogging

recently we got this free secret message kit from my milk which includes a notebook + this cool secret ink pen. i immediately gave it a try. why secret message kit you asked? well, apparently the pen is made up of this cool which you only get to see with this blue light found at the other end of the pen. so after i doodled letters, all i have to do is turn on the blue light on the other end of the pen to see + read what i’ve written. isn’t it cool?

doodles, pre-schooler, blogging from a to z challenge, blogging

can you read what i just doodled in that page? Approve

this is my 4th entry to #atozchallenge:

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c is for captain america

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we did not get to see the first captain america film, i think i am still a teensy-weensy baby at the time.but i did watch it on the telly a number of times with mum + dad. that is why i was very excited when i found out that it is going to have a sequel!

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we finally managed to watch the film one day. we had lunch at the local mall + proceeded to the cinemas on the 4th floor. there were only too few people inside the cinema, probably because the film has been shown for more than a week already, but we do not mind. we found this perfect spot + got ourselves settled to see capt. steve rogers + his friends.

my favorite part of the film was seeing familiar faces from avengers, nick fury + black widow. i also like captain america’s new found friend, sam wilson, who is also known as falcon. he sure is a cool character, using this mechanical thingamabob to take flight into the sky + help captain america fight the hydra + its evil spaceships. he also volunteered to help the captain find his lost friend, buckie, who was turned into the bad guy, winter soldier, by the hydra group.

we loved the film + will definitely ask mum to download it when it is available online so we can watch it again at home! have you seen the film, too? did you like it?   Movie-Time

this is my third entry for the #atozchallenge:

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b is for blu

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did you watch the last rio movie? then i am sure you all know who blu is! he is the cool blue bird in that film, the main character, who was removed from his natural habitat in rio di janeiro and was fortunately found by his taker linda. blu can do a lot of amazing things like opening a computer, skating, reading but apparently he does not know how to fly.

the first rio movie is all about blu’s adventure when he went back to rio di janeiro to meet with jewel. they were the last of their kind + they were supposed to make baby birds together so there will be more blue macaw in rio. these beautiful birds are being captured and sold overseas at a hefty price.

i have seen the film a few times + i really love it! that is why i am excited to see its sequel which will be shown on local cinemas starting 09 april. will you be watching it, too?

by the way, did you know that they also have free rio2 toys at jollibee? i ate there earlier with mum + my classmates after our swimming class. mum got me two toys, blu + rafael. now am only missing the last one, which is a new character in the film, geri the frog.

my second entry for this year’s #atozchallenge:

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