How to complement what your child learns at school

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) marks the beginning of a child’s education. Typically it starts at the nursery stage and lasts till the age of five. Its philosophy is to develop language and communication skills through play while at the same time fostering physical, social, emotional and personal development.

This is the focus in the classroom but research has shown that the biggest influence on the development of a young child from birth to the age of four is its parents. So, any way a parent can complement the programme of those in education jobs at school will benefit the child beyond measure.

Parents can organize a number of activities at home that will serve this purpose well.

Water-related activities

Simple games with water can help children develop concepts of capacity. By using cups, jugs and bowl, they have fun with measuring. It is also helpful in developing language related to water and capacity. This type of activity can be expanded to introduce colors and size and so on.

Arts and crafts

Art and craft activities help to develop motor skills and coordination. It helps children to improve muscle control and the resulting products – pictures, collages etc – give children a great sense of achievement. These activities are great fun and only require the use of simple household objects like paper, glue, clips and in fact almost anything that can be found around the home.


Children love to imitate adult behavior. It is a simple matter to set up a “small world” environment like a shop or doctor’s surgery. Acting out adult roles in these environments, helps children gain a greater understanding of the adult environment and the world around them.

Games for the table

Games like puzzles and building blocks help children to develop motor skills and concentration. Exploring different shapes, sizes and colors helps children to develop spatial awareness and color differentiation. As with arts and crafts, tabletop games can contribute to creativity and can be used to increase vocabulary.


Phonics is used at EYFS level to help children understand and vocalize sounds. It can form the basis for the development of reading and writing skills. Parents do not need to fully understand phonics to help their children. Early childhood teachers will be happy to help demonstrate games and activities that can be played at home to reinforce what has been learnt in the classroom.

Schools can only do so much for a child. By encouraging your children to join in games and activities like these at home, you will be helping to form a greater bond with them, while giving them every advantage as they take their first steps on the educational ladder. And when learning is fun, children are more inclined to learn.

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kids in doodles: number fun

kids in doodles, early learning, learning, numbers

i have learned how to count and read numbers early last year + since then i am counting as much as i can + identifying numbers whenever possible. i started with 1 to 10 + now i can count up to 40 + hopefully before this year ends, i can count up to a hundred + learn how to do little math, too! 🙂

kids in doodles, early learning, learning, numbers

anyway, i’d like to share this cool gift i got from mum’s friend, tita moi, last christmas. it was a counting numbers board puzzle, perfect for learning about numbers! it was a fun game + all i have to do is match up the written numbers with the objects of the same number. mum helped me to count the different colorful object that include violin, fishes, balls, pens + stuff, so that i can match them with the correct number.

kids in doodles, early learning, learning, numbers

learning about numbers sure has never been this fun! thank you tita moi + rylan for this wonderful gift! ^_^

so how do you learn about numbers + what do you do to make numbers fun? share your doodles with us, including your tips + your funny anecdotes. do not forget to include one of our badges in your post, link up + visit our other playmates + make this a party! 🙂

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kids in doodles: alphabet fun

educational toys for children, Kids in Doodles, learning, early learning, alphabet, toys

mum got me this cool alphabet boards as a gift last Christmas. i love them because i love learning about the alphabet. mum taught me my abc’s before i even turned three + i was able to learn them quite easily. i was also able to read each of the letters everywhere i see them. to say that mum was delighted was actually an understatement! 😀

educational toys for children, Kids in Doodles, learning, early learning, alphabet, toys

going back to this alphabet toy, i love then because we can play with them in so many ways. i can use it to help me recite + read the letters  +  memorize the alphabet in proper order, too. they also double as an alphabet puzzle + finding the board that matches the letters + sorting them out is really quite a fun game to play. plus, they also teach me about various animals beginning with different letters, too! 🙂

educational toys for children, Kids in Doodles, learning, early learning, alphabet, toys

mum enjoys buying me these educational toys + i have no complaints. i really enjoy playing with them + learning in the process, too! 🙂

what are your doodle stories for this week? share it with us + hop on to our other playmates to make this more fun. don’t forget to add one of my badges on your posts, right? i shall wait for your doodles then! 🙂

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kids in doodles: learning with logico

early learning, learning, kids in doodles, toddlers, out + about

before we go on to this week’s kids in doodles, here is a round up of our participants last week:

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  3. check out una’s lalaloopsy gift
  4. our new playmate rem also gets a lalaloopy doll, read all about it at I Love Hues 

on to this week’s doodle 🙂

early learning, learning, kids in doodles, toddlers, out + about

we were at waltermart two sundays ago to accompany my tito ken to scout for a laptop. i was busy looking at these cool car toys from one of the kiosks there when mum called me so we can check out this logico booth. turned out they sell books + other learning materials for little ones. they also have tables + chairs at the ready for anyone who’d like to give their products a try. there are also staff on standby to assist anyone with a cheerful smile.

early learning, learning, kids in doodles, toddlers, out + about

i guess i was in the mood for a little learning that afternoon so i agreed to give it a shot. kuya who assisted us showed me a picture book, i was to find the correct answer for the corresponding picture on the next page. the images are also numbered from 1 to 16. i first did the similar image exercise, where i was to find the image similar to what is shown me on the next page. it was peanuts! 🙂

the next activity was to find the images that matches the pictures shown to me but this time, i must look for the backside of the photo. i had a little difficulty with some images but i was able to find all the answers correctly! you can tell that mum was so delighted. 🙂

early learning, learning, kids in doodles, toddlers, out + about

the last activity was a bit difficult for my age, as i was to find the missing part in the picture mum + kuya, as well as my tito + tita jinky, all helped so that i can finish all the photos.

i must say learning is fun, but it gets tiring at some point so we had to get a quick bite at my fave fast food! i totally enjoyed it, though, + would very much like to do it again 🙂

time for you to share your doodles with us. add one of the badges here on your post + visit our other playmates to double the fun.

have a a wonderful week ahead + i shall wait for your entries, right? 🙂

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