another take on The Ten on October 10 Written by Mys giveaway

this giveaway is fairly easy-peasy, all you have to do is write about this prompts:

10 Things I like about Written by Mys  
10 Things I Dislike about Written by Mys  
10 Themes for Letters That I’ll Never Send  
10 Things I wish for Written by Mys  
10 Topics Written by Mys should write about


writing 5 entries will earn you a total of 35 points, if not you get additional 5 points for each prompt.  Promo ends by November 15. for the rest of the contest mechanics, do show some love to Written by Mys blog.

for now here is my take on yet another giveaway prompt:

10 Topics Written by Mys should write about
1.Articles on motherhood
2.Places to go to for trick or treating activities for kids
3.Personal recipes perhaps
4.Fond memories of christmas
5.Where to buy the best bargain for Christmas shopping
6.Quote of the day or quote of the week
7.Daily writing prompts
8.More tips on how to earn online
9.Create your own bloghop
1  Featured movie of the month

    what are you waiting for? post your entries now to win exciting prizes…goodluck!

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