baby boo boo

i had the biggest scare of my life yesterday morning when jared hit his chin on the glass center table in the living room.

everyday before he takes his bath, my baby will walk/grope/toddle around the house, touching everything he sees along the way, exploring every nook and crannies of our home.  this day was no different from the rest, and he chose the living room for his daily morning explorations. as he was trying to cross the distance between the divider (that displays the telly and the other stuffs he’d like to fiddle) his other foot slipped and he lost his balance resulting to his fall and, most unfortunate of all, his chin hit the center table on his way down.

i froze on the spot and i felt my whole body trembled when i saw the blood coming from his mouth as i picked him up.  this was the very first time i saw my son bleed and boy it was terrifying. we were alone in the house and i was on the verge of panic, worrying what’s hurt with him, if he was okay or was there any broken bones or should i bring him to the hospital.  thoughts were spewing from my mind 10 at a time that i don’t know what else to do but panic! i was hugging my son, his head on my shoulder, i rocked him slowly to stop the crying, then i sat down and took several deep breaths and suddenly my brain was functioning right again. i texted his pedia immediately. this time, my panic subsided and jared was happily smiling and playful again, the bleeding incident totally forgotten.  it left an unsightly bruise and scrape on the inside of his mouth, but i know full well that he will be okay and i know, too, that it was only the beginning.

i just wish babies come with mouthguard and helmets or probably they should make kid-sized band-aids for extra and extensive protection.  and i wish, too, that mummies come with steel (or, what’s stronger, platinum perhaps?) heart to take all the horror and terror and everything else in between, that goes with motherhood.

let me know about your nerve-wracking moments with your son and if you have tips for this mummy emergency i would love to hear it, do send it to vixenp33 at gmail dot com…careful now, everyone!

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