Domain Giveaway From Written By Mys

this is another interesting blog giveaway from Written By Mys, the Domain Giveaway From Written By Mys and joining is easy peasy, all you have to do is blog about it and mention why you want your own domain for your blog and, violà, you get a chance to vie for this exciting giveaway and who knows you might be on your way to your-very-own-dot-com stardom! 

As for me, ever since I discovered the grandeur that is blogging I’ve always been obsessed, going online every chance I get just to update my blog (no matter how trivial my posts could be sometimes), I just think I have way too much to say (don’t worry even if only two people read my posts or none at all, I do it to keep my creative juices flowing and release some pent-up frustrated writer energy –and yes, to describe in what I hope to be exciting and colorful details, this wonderful journey I have embarked on exactly one year,one month and 26 days ago now), and have added having gazillions of follower in the future, more interesting posts to write and yes, add a domain of my own to that list as my aspirations for the future! It would be really amazing to transform this project of mine into or probably something shorter, as as I belatedly realized now, I should’ve really kept my blog url short for recall! It will great be to have my own dot com so my blog will have its own personality and identity. Hmm…wish, wish, wish…

easy enough ayt?now it’s your turn to try scoring that domain giveaway, head on to Written By Mys site or simply click here for contest details and particulars. Gooodluck!

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