pink for october..

you’ve probably encountered an assortment of colours here, i’ve gone green and of course, in honor of the little man in my life, from whom the inspiration to make this blog came from, the blog theme all throughout has to be blue/green. this month, though, to support a very worth cause, jared’s little corner of the world.. has gone pink to support breast cancer awareness month.

Breast cancer is the number one cancer in the Philippines with a 40% mortality rate. In fact in 2007 alone, there were about 13,000 new breast cancer cases in the country and out of than, 7,582 patients died. Very alarming if you ask me, and i believe it is high time that we help raise awareness on this concern so we can reach out to as many women as we can, and hopefully, in one way or another, help out in early detection, cure or even preventing this big C!

here are a few ways how:

1. arm ourselves with important information on breast cancer
2. get regular breast cancer screenings
3. show support to breast cancer advocacy organizations,
4. eat right, pepper your diet with leafy green and yellow vegetables, fruits and unrefined cereals and lastly,
5. stop smoking

let us all turn pink this month to raise cancer awareness, for more info visit

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