so healthy, soyami…

a few weeks back i attended my very first mummy blogger event, which turned out to be the product launch for AM Global Works Marketing Corp.’s revolutionary healthy snack, SOYAMI!
now baby, wait till you get a bit older before eating that…
Soyami veers away from your usual MSG-laden junk food and boast of its healthy ingredient, the mighty soya which is known for it’s health benefits such as reducing the risk of certain cancer types, helping lower bad cholesterol, and even eliminating menopausal symptoms. Soyami is high in protein and fiber and is low in fat, sugar and calories.  Now for someone who’s been a vegetarian for almost five years, soya has been a part of my staple, taking different forms: as viand (fried tofu), as a healthy and yummy breakfast (taho), and now, finally, as guilt-free, nutritious snack. it comes in three exciting flavors: Original, White Cheddar and Pizza. my  so whatever your snacking preference maybe, there is a Soyami treat that’s right for your taste (mine’s Pizza!)  in fact, since it is very healthy, i’ll give it to jared during mirienda time when he gets a bit older.

Soyami will be available in leading supermarkets and groceries by early November. 
For more details just hop on to their website or contact Ms. Angel or Howard 975-0740.

And don’t forget to tell me your fave flavor..enjoy snacking!

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