an open letter to brandon boyd

dearmost brandon,

hey there! how’ve you been doing? greetings! i am a 24-year old incubus-devout from one of the cities here in the Philippines. i am basically a homebody who digs rock music + also enjoys reading, writing, daydreaming, contemplating + watching tv especially survivor, the osbournes + the re-runs of the x-files (it’s my all-time fave show!)

i wrote because i wanted to thank you. a year + several months ago i didn’t know your name..i don’t know you personally (well save for the millions of infos i read everywhere on the net, i guess!) + i haven’t been given the chance (yet!) to meet you up-close and personal but i am grateful for the way you touched me, moved + inspired me through your words, your music, your songs. thank you for opening me to the ideas to be better than i am today, to be a better person. well the journey through this process will be long, agonizing + excruciating i know, but it delights me to think + feel that your music prompted me to recognize my flaws as a human being + to realize that i can be a hundred-fold better than i am today..honestly it’s beyond me to evaluate whether i am better now compared to who i was yesterday but at least i know that i have the capacity to be better + one day, i will be…i am probably on the brink of self-improvement + for that i am grateful, i owe might not know who i am but i feel like you are my friend, you know exactly how i feel, you give me honest + straight-from-the-heart opinions through your sons. i believe music is a powerful tool, that it transcends all things – differences in culture + language barriers – it probably is the universal language. + i thank heavens for the gift of music + i thank the gods for you!!!for being the beautiful person that you are, for inspiring me + a lot of other people out there. thanks for your insights, for your wisdom…at times i feel like i’m in the middle of a turbulence, + i can barely buoy myself to keep from drowning. it seemed like life is one big mystery + i’m not sure if i can unfog even some parts of it in this lifetime, but somehow you give me honest answers, you’ve touched me + i will never be the same…

your band is the most amazing (well, you probably hear + read that everyday!) but honestly your songs are just kick**s + totally rock!!i particularly like glass, the warmth, new skin, warning, when it comes, just a phase, magic medicine, hey i just love all of ’em although it was very unfortunate that i wasn’t able to hear any songs from your fungus amongus album (i don’t think they’re distributing it locally here at home!) would you by any chance be re-releasing it anytime soon? and hey, i heard about dirk leaving the band, that is so sad, he is a cool, enigmatic guy who does magic with his base. i’m surely going to miss him + wherever he is i do hope he is happy…

lastly, i know that lollapalooza starts july 13 + the tour dates will be crazy + grueling but i hope you will find enough time  to relax, rest, breathe + contemplate. may you be always in good health + so are your family, friends + loved ones + the rest of the band. i hope you continue making exceptionally good music that does not only entertain but educate + inspire people as well, looking forward to the new album!

i am enclosing my prayers + my love.
until then may the all continue to nurture you.


i do hope you can come + visit the philippines one day. ours is a great country, (with) warm people, lovely beaches + most importantly, i know a lot of filipinos love you guys + dig your music. so when are you coming down here?

this is written by my 24-year old, incubus-crazed self. i have long forgotten about this letter, seems like it was a lifetime ago, it just popped into my head recently when i read about mama kat’s prompt the other day. i rummaged my old stuff to find the very letter – see i wrote it in the midst of terrorist attacks and anthrax scare in the us, i received it back the eve of my birthday with screaming “return to sender” in red, bold ink in front – but was not able to find it, it’s lying somewhere i can’t remember just yet. glad i found a copy written on my old journal…i have since then listened to all the incubus music ever made, and yep, watched them twice in manila, front row!!my love for music has recently taken a step back to give way to my new found passion, my baby + motherhood, but i can’t wait to listen to all my favorite rock songs again, when jared is a little older!

love to see what you’ve written, remember to link up with mama kat’s..Mama's Losin' It

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  1. Hahaha…I loved them too although I never wrote a letter obviously. It was fun reading it!

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