can’t get enough of harry potter

as the clock winds down to the last couple of days before the showing of the first installment of the last Harry Potter book, every potter-fanatic in this muggle world is beside himself with excitement. or if your were like me, cramming and fretting if i will ever get to finish the book, all 759 pages of it (i’ve read the first one hundred the last time i attempted to read and finish it!) before i see the film. or you are probably rummaging through the trailers and videos and photos (london premiere included) online (much like my lil bro, ken, is doing. whatever pre-deathly hallows activities suits you, goodluck with it. a few more days and we will all be trooping the the cinemas in the metro to witness the end of our beloved saga and we anticipate with mixed emotions. how do we say farewell to someone who has been part of lives much like a close friend or a cousin?and can we ever stop wondering if there ever will be another book coming up?i wonder…
for now, jared will have to bare with the potter loonies in this abode and amuse himself watching the official trailer over, and over, and over again or feast on these lovely images for the hundredth time…

the main casts with author jk rowling at the world premiere in london
daniel radcliffe, emma watson and rupert grint

see you at the cinemas everyone…


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