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for this week’s prompt (albeit, i was a few days late!) for the shopping talk on GT: the housewares or home section

this part of the grocery i have long discovered to be full of fun, surprises and everyday must haves for domestic goddesses (ahem!) like me. we (daddy and myself, pre-jared era) used to take trips down this section while strolling at the mall on our weekend dates. don’t you just feel sheer bliss staring at rows upon rows of lovely bowls, plates, basically just about anything for the kitchen or the house!

each shopping trip will not be considered done when i don’t traipse into this wonderful section. and i would always find something new to buy for the house, or if not, to be added to my list of things to buy when the budget permits me next.  i recently bought pillows and pillow case at the sm 3day sale. the last time i went to the grocery i bought this adorable baby blue dipper for the kitchen. and i am planning to replace a host of kitchen utensils so i expect a long list coming up. see i’ve been staying in this home i’ve stayed in for the last 23 years or more of my life and most of our things are the very same ones we used ages ago so they really need replacing and soon! i need to get new chopping board, knifes, condiments container, etc! and in preparation for the coming holidays i’ve been meaning to buy dinnerwares in red or a similar festive color. it will be fun for jared to eat his very first noche buena (he was only 4 months last christmas, not big enough to eat solids) in appetizingly colored bowls and plates, so the next time you see me scanning aisle afte aisle in the department store or grocery, please don’t think me nuts, i am merely eyeing my next dinnerware purchase!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my site. Followed you back! 🙂

    Good luck with your next dinnerware project, I'm sure Jared will enjoy his first noche buena! cute baby! 🙂

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