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mommy moments
yay, another bloghop (am totally loving them, in fact, i’ve joined as many as i can manage!lol!)

 this one is suppose to be posted last friday but no thanks to my erratic (i must wring the smartbro people’s neck by now!) internet connection, am cramming again..oh, well better late than never, ayt? besides the linky is still open so might as well grab the opportunity while it’s still on..

for this week’s Mommy Moment’s (hop on to Mommy Chris’ site, just click on the bloghop there for more info and topics for November) we are to post a before and after photo of our baby…here is mine…
jared’s pix a few days after he was born…
this one is taken when he was one year old and almost one month, when he got his very first haircut….

in retrospect, i never thought i could be an individual and a mother at the same time, i had anxieties and i was up to my neck with worries on what right things to do. looking at my son now, i must say, i’ve found the right formula, i must’ve done something right, raising him to be a happy and healthy child. we still have a long way to go..but i thank the all each day that we are a work in progress….

so what are you waiting for?post your MommyMoment entry before the linky closes…goodluck!

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  1. welcome to mommy moments 😀 glad you can join us! great job for raising your little boy so well!

  2. didn't you just enjoy finding pics to include in MM and realize how much your little baby has grown?

    thanks for the visit :0

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