my expomom adventure

that saturday afternoon, we trooped to rockwell tent to see what’s in store for us at the expo mom bazaar. popular shops are present like, earth & me, tot couture, funky findz and stork studio, to name a few. there is also lassig bags, firefly toothbrush, cycles & cradle, and learning is fun booths.
i’ve been looking forward to this visit since i made a purchase from indigo baby earlier, it’s an earth diaper bag in blue animal. a funky bag to replace our good old, worn and used diaper bag. this one has 8 pockets to stow all of jared’s travel essential and it has enough room for mummy’s things and for other stuffs for when we go shopping. plus indigo baby agreed to bring this to the expo instead of having it shipped (i saved on courier cost which if you are residing my side of town, will burn almost a hundred in your pocket!) so i am so excited! but turned out they left my order in their shop and if i can wait until 6pm for it. trouble is we can’t stay longer because jared is a little bit under the weather that day due to colds! so i guess, with much regret, that i just have to wait for my stuff in the mail (they’ve been kind enough to shoulder the shipping expense since it’s their fault anyway, many thanks for that!) sigh!
i wasn’t able to take photos of the lovely booths and the cozy rockwell tent cause i was busy scanning booth after booth for a great find and, yes, running after my tot, simultaneously, the entire time.
i took photos of the stuff we brought home, though, go take a look:
i was inked by expomom! (in lieu of the actual event footage!hehe!)
jared’s haul for the day: some nice shirts and a polo/shorts terno: all priced at less than 500php! 
an early christmas shopping for my little one:)
i took home these freebies from cycles and cradle simply by answering a survey!yay!
i’ve been using cycles on jared’s laundry since day one and what joy it is to have some for free
i bought one of these to try out…been meaning to buy an anti-mosquito product for a while now, see if you live amidst the trees and the plants and a stone’s throw away from the rice fields, mosquitoes visit aplenty and a mum’s just got to be ready, right? (heck, why am i rhyming??)
got this freebie: a back issue of momstoday:) 
been on the hunt for this particular magazine, 
not available in booksale where i buy my smartparenting copy
not even in waltermart or puregold
glad to finally find it!
and i have to buy the latest ish, haven’t i?:) 
so i won’t have a hard time looking for one, again.
must rush my subscription, i guess?
all in all, it was quite an experience, although i guess there are only quite a handful of shops available plus the lack of activities did not add up to their advantage (there is a raffle draw each hour, though), or was it only because i left too soon?
i’d love to hear your expo mom story

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