my first blog giveaway winnings!

my first ever blog giveaway prize!yay!
i can’t believe my eyes when i saw my blog’s banner photo in mommylace‘s blog and to top it off she’s just posted the winner for her lactacyd baby bath time contest! and yes, i won! the contest was fairly easy, really. i  was just asked to comment about the best bath time experience i had with my baby, so i did. i wrote about our bath rituals and and enumerated our activities for a superb bath time experience. i even forgot to mention that i also blow edible bubbles for jared’s enjoyment whilst he play on his bathtub!

here’s the except from mommylace’s blog:

Thank you to everyone who joined, I had a hard time choosing the best answer! Obviously, all of us enjoy bath time with our babies :) And here is the mom who will enjoy a shopping spree at Big & Small Co. worth Php 3,000 :-
Mommy Vix says:

I try to make every bath time a fun experience for me and my baby. I bought him a tub especially for the occasion and  i sing him a song whenever i bathe him “ligo, ligo, ligo na si jared..”
Vix and her baby Jared
We also make bath time playtime by handing him his rubber fishies (yep, he doesn’t take much liking to rubber duckies!) to play with as I clean him up and yes, mummy sprinkles water gently on baby’s face, while he splashes on the tub like a fish accompanied by fun giggles. In the end, mom ends up all soaked too! I also allot 2 to 3 minutes of play after I rinse him up. That will be the time baby will play with his mini basin and dipper, banging them on his tub and splashing them on water.
My baby had cradle cap and skin allergy when he was born and I used lactacyd to bathe him as recommended by our pedia. I love that it is gentle on my baby’s sensitive skin and that Jared smells very clean after every bath. It also makes bath time more fun time since I have one less thing to worry about.

Congratulations and enjoy shopping! :)

yay!3,000php gc from big & small co! have yet to ask someone to pick-up my prize for me, though. can’t wait to shop for jared’s christmas stuff (i’ve done a bit from the last expomom and i still have to buy him pants or shorts and shoes!)
thanks mommylace and here’s to future giveaway success! if you want to try your luck on contests and giveaways do drop by her site every so often, she always has something up for grabs:)

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