the first ever life can’t wait giveaway

here’s another exciting giveaway you might want to try, up for grabs are the following:
First Prize:
40$ Cash
10,000 ECs
One month 125×125 Ad Spaces on High PR Blogs
Second Prize
20$ Cash
9,000 ECs
One month 125×125 Ad Spaces
Third Prize
10$ Cash
6,000 ECs
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she’s even thrown in this lovely necklace for a special raffle!
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joining is quite easy, just head down to marice‘s site for more details. this promo is until december the 10th so you still have ample time to join and spread the word.
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i won!i won!

i was so delighted when i received an email congratulating me for winning in this giveaway! these are my prizes:

3000 entrecard credits
1 month ad space from selected sponsor blogs

i’ve received my cash prize thru paypal and the 3000 entrecard credits. as for the 1 month adspace, i have contacted all five sponsors and as of writing was updated by eihdra  and have my badge installed at pinkstuffgalore by bonz.

wow, am i on a winning streak? this is my second time to win a blog giveaway (check here for the first one) and am just to psyched up to join more!

again, thanks to written by mys for the great opportunity and to her lovely sponsors as well, more giveaways in the future!
for more of these, do drop by every so often as i will be posting more in the future, cheers!

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my first blog giveaway winnings!

my first ever blog giveaway prize!yay!
i can’t believe my eyes when i saw my blog’s banner photo in mommylace‘s blog and to top it off she’s just posted the winner for her lactacyd baby bath time contest! and yes, i won! the contest was fairly easy, really. i  was just asked to comment about the best bath time experience i had with my baby, so i did. i wrote about our bath rituals and and enumerated our activities for a superb bath time experience. i even forgot to mention that i also blow edible bubbles for jared’s enjoyment whilst he play on his bathtub!

here’s the except from mommylace’s blog:

Thank you to everyone who joined, I had a hard time choosing the best answer! Obviously, all of us enjoy bath time with our babies :) And here is the mom who will enjoy a shopping spree at Big & Small Co. worth Php 3,000 :-
Mommy Vix says:

I try to make every bath time a fun experience for me and my baby. I bought him a tub especially for the occasion and  i sing him a song whenever i bathe him “ligo, ligo, ligo na si jared..”
Vix and her baby Jared
We also make bath time playtime by handing him his rubber fishies (yep, he doesn’t take much liking to rubber duckies!) to play with as I clean him up and yes, mummy sprinkles water gently on baby’s face, while he splashes on the tub like a fish accompanied by fun giggles. In the end, mom ends up all soaked too! I also allot 2 to 3 minutes of play after I rinse him up. That will be the time baby will play with his mini basin and dipper, banging them on his tub and splashing them on water.
My baby had cradle cap and skin allergy when he was born and I used lactacyd to bathe him as recommended by our pedia. I love that it is gentle on my baby’s sensitive skin and that Jared smells very clean after every bath. It also makes bath time more fun time since I have one less thing to worry about.

Congratulations and enjoy shopping! :)

yay!3,000php gc from big & small co! have yet to ask someone to pick-up my prize for me, though. can’t wait to shop for jared’s christmas stuff (i’ve done a bit from the last expomom and i still have to buy him pants or shorts and shoes!)
thanks mommylace and here’s to future giveaway success! if you want to try your luck on contests and giveaways do drop by her site every so often, she always has something up for grabs:)
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girls talk: accessories/apparel section

this is a section of the mall i have totally neglected, see i am not really your accessories girl more so when i became a mum. accessories for me will just consist of my simple earrings (pearls mostly, in different shades which i’ve procured long before i became a mother, a yellow, shell-like one which my kumareng (that’s a godmother of my son in our vernacular) jannai gave me several christmases ago, some button-like thingies and star and heart shaped ones, and my lovely green dangling i got as a christmas present from my friend, jackie), a bunch of bangles (the breakable once which i bought for cheap in the guadalupe tiangge ages ago and which i can’t wear a lot, especially when i go out with my son), this lovely bracelet (made of charms and swarovski, in purple, which i had when i was pregnant), my watch (which reminds me – i had to go to the nearest timex branch to order for a new bracelet so i can replace the broken one and wear it again) and that’s about complete my arsenal! yup, i admit i am not your girlie type of girl really, i am only girlie to a certain extent!lol!
for apparels, same thing. i cannot recall the last time i bought myself new stuff, well, save for shorts and the pedal pushers which daddy egged me to buy a few months back from the giordano depot in shell of asia. i would probably buy one (a shirt or any top to much any of my son’s christmas attire – so we can go out in terno!hehe!)
there goes my entry for this week’s Girls Talk, what’s yours…link up so i can read and leave you a comment…
happy shopping gals!
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40th pedia talk live

on november 27 at 8am-12noon,mommy academy will host the 40th pedia talk live at the dusit thani hotel in makati.topic to be tackled will be “home for the holidays”, jut in time for the christmas season. this is free admission but you have to pre-register, and if you can, do invite your mummy friends and colleagues and you will even get a chance to win a personal ref from the raffle.  
for a sahm like me, who normally spends the weekend mornings with jared at home this will be a welcome treat to go outside and spend a saturday morning with other mums like me with their babies in tow. this will be the first time i’d be attending so i don’t know what is in store for me, but i love adventure and i love to experience new things and i will be sure to blog about afterwards. so if you have nothing to do this saturday morning, join mommy academy’s 40th pedia talk.

for more details visit mommy academy or e-mail them at to pre-register.
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