My 14 months old..

jared turned a year and two months old eve of halloween and these are just a few of his baby accomplishments, traits, idiosyncrasies and whatnots:

1.  he turns the computer off especially if mum is so engrossed in playing cafeworld and she can barely notice
2.  he shouts “dede” when he wants to drink milk, and
3.  he reaches out his hands to his drinking bottle’s direction if he wants to drink water
4.  he can now take eight to 12 steps, or more, unsupported or without grasping at things
5.  he now mumbles a lot, albeit mostly still in gibberish, but i sure can tell that he will say his few clear words in no time!
6.  he calls mum “mama” and sometimes, when he is having such a great day, he can also say “da-ddy!”
7.  he calls daddy’s car “toot”, imitating the sound the car’s horn makes
8.  he can focus on the screen for what seemed like eternity, without even blinking, heavy in concentration
9.  he downs 7oz of milk every two hours and
10. seems moody and picky when it comes to his solid food
11. he loves spaghetti and fries!
12. he definitely loves music, just about any type! (the nights spent listening to Mozart and company, prenatal, finally paid off)
13. he knows that he has to throw his ball to get it lighting again
14. he tends to be shy around strangers but will be friendly and smiling once he get the hang of it
15. seems like all he wants to do is to walk, walk and walk
16. he just had his Hepa A vaccine
17. he now weighs a whopping 13 kilograms
18. he loves books and mumbles as he holds one aloft, as if reading aloud!
19. he adores barney’s i love you song
20. and alternates that with elmo’s elmo song
21. and still loves pocoyo to bits!
22  he drinks loads of water daily, too!
23. he says “bab-ba” for bye-bye whilst waiving his hand
24. he seems to enjoy going out and travelling
25  although he sleeps most of the time as we travel by car
26. sometimes it’s way to difficult to have him to fall asleep, but the good old lullaby often does the trick

taking care of a toddlers is such a handful, it does take almost all my time. but i will never trade any moment of this, both good and bad. i simply love being a mother to jared..

i’d love to hear about your toddler’s story…

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i’ve been meaning to join this bloghop for awhile now, but October came and went way too quickly i was not able to catch up on that month’s topic, too bad.   it’s actually way too easy, before the beginning of each month, beautyqueengene will post the GT Topic for the whole month and you simply have to make your post and link with her by the scheduled date…simple, ayt? for this month, here are the topics:

When you go shopping, what do you mostly get at the:
November 4 – grocery aisle
November 11 – health and beauty section
November 18 – housewares/home section
November 25 – accessories/apparel section

Grocery Aisle


the shopping routine is not complete without swinging by the groceries to buy stocks for the pantry as jared rides the grocery cart merrily (no photos though, have yet to upload one). my usual list includes:

For my baby
·         Diapers
·         wipes 
·         powder
·         lotion
·         shampoo
·         head to toe wash
·         Cycles
for myself
·         hygiene products
·         bath soap
·         Smart Parenting Magazine
for the kitchen
·         Yogurt
·         Fruits
·         Oatmeal and cereals
·         Milk for my baby and myself
·         Fruit juices
·         Chocolate drink
·         Sugar
·         Biscuits (am still on the hunt for the best biscuit for my baby, the items where I do my groceries are quite limited, any suggestions?)
·         Alcohol and tissue
·         Soaps, detergents and fabric conditioner
·         Chicken, pork or beef
·         Veggies like tomatoes, sayote, eggplant, etc.
·         Garlic and onion
·         Gardenia bread
·         Sandwich spread
·         Just a few junk foods and sweets as I am thriving to be a healthy eater
·         Candles
·         Ice cream (occasionally)
·         Hotdogs, tocino, ham, or bacon (very seldom as we are veering away from processed food!)
·         Eggs and cheese

now let me see your list!
cheers to the shopaholics in all of us!

for instructions on GT and whatnot hop on to beautyqueengene‘s blog or simply click the GT badge up there.

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Meet Me On Monday 04

1. Have you ever been on a cruise?
2. What is your favorite way to eat eggs?
3. What is your favorite reading material?
4. Name all the pets that you have ever had?
5. Were you ever a girl/boy scout?

My answers:

1. I have been on a cruise ship when i was on my second job. it was a seminar on-board a WG&A Superferry, a roundtrip from Manila to Cebu. the best thing was it was my first time to go on a ship cruise and i was very delighted, it was a terrific experience. the downside though is that the seminars are held during the day and we didn’t have much time to sightsee in the mornings when you can have the best view of the sea, and if  we are ever lucky, dolphins! we were not able to explore much of Cebu City, either, since the ship docked for only 2 hours i think, so we hurriedly took a trip around the metro to see as much as we can and off we are again..i would love to take one again if time and my pocket will permit and would gaze like mad at the sea each chance i get to see lovely sea creatures!
2. no other way to have my eggs but sunnyside up!

3. i love books: the Harry Potter saga, the Shopaholic series, Coelho’s haunting creation, Albom’s emotional and melancholic tales, parenting books and romance novels. i don’t have the luxury to spend most of my time engrossed in a book since motherhood has taken a good deal of my time, and am not complaining, but i still try to get my hands on as many books as i can.  plus i also obsessed on SmartParenting Magazine, which i read with my son.
4. my memory will fail me on this one since we’ve had quite a few pets since childhood, mostly dogs and only had a cat, Tammy, but will try my best to recall them. Our very first dog was Lassie and a friend of mine gave me my very own pet dog, Glenn when i was in college. then we had Lia and Glenn gave birth to Nick and four other lovely puppies which i have the misfortune to forget the names. i think we also had a dog called Mark. i have to check with my siblings for their names! (blame it on my post-c section memory!)
5. i was a star scout in the elementary days and went on to be a Girl scout till the last year in high school.  i love being one, i got to participate in many different activities like camping and got to meet loads of other kids. sometimes, i surprise myself when out of the blue i would just sing the Girl Scout Hymn of my fifth grade self!

now it’s your turn, just click on the image to link up with Meet Me On Monday!

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MommyMoments bloghop…

mommy moments
yay, another bloghop (am totally loving them, in fact, i’ve joined as many as i can manage!lol!)

 this one is suppose to be posted last friday but no thanks to my erratic (i must wring the smartbro people’s neck by now!) internet connection, am cramming again..oh, well better late than never, ayt? besides the linky is still open so might as well grab the opportunity while it’s still on..

for this week’s Mommy Moment’s (hop on to Mommy Chris’ site, just click on the bloghop there for more info and topics for November) we are to post a before and after photo of our baby…here is mine…
jared’s pix a few days after he was born…
this one is taken when he was one year old and almost one month, when he got his very first haircut….

in retrospect, i never thought i could be an individual and a mother at the same time, i had anxieties and i was up to my neck with worries on what right things to do. looking at my son now, i must say, i’ve found the right formula, i must’ve done something right, raising him to be a happy and healthy child. we still have a long way to go..but i thank the all each day that we are a work in progress….

so what are you waiting for?post your MommyMoment entry before the linky closes…goodluck!

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