10 things i am thankful for…

i’ve found this new blog meme and i find it quite interesting. every week you will give your top 10 list depending on what topic is posted and i simply love list, proof are the hundreds of them jotted in practically every notebook/journal i own ..there’s no way i can catch up on all the previous topics but i particularly liked this one and then post the latest one later on in the day. so here goes…
10 things you are thankful for…
  1. My beautiful son, ethan jared
  2. being allowed to be a sahm
  3. the gift of motherhood
  4. discovering the joy that is blogging
  5. baby wipes, i just can’t leave without ’em
  6. online shops, can still keep up on your shopping without leaving the house
  7. the pleasure that is book reading
  8. rediscovering my passion for writing
  9. oatmeal cookies from quaker
  10. google, life is simply easier with it around!
i simply love lists so am doing a double post, hehe:)
10 things you want, but wouldn’t buy for yourself
  1. A pair of trainers 
  2. a nothing but water swim wear
  3. The x-files dvd collection
  4. a new d-slr camera
  5. a new digicam
  6. an ipad or a kindle
  7. a spa membership
  8. a round-trip ticket for 3 to hongkong disneyland
  9. a car
  10. a baby convertible bed from mothercare
oh, right, that you should be all for now…later in the day i’ll post on the brand new topic: 10 great things about the holidays. interested? join in and make up your own list, click on this badge for more info: 

happy tuesday everyone!

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