a bdo junior savings account for jared

i have been planning to open an account for jared since day one but haven’t got the time to visit the nearest bank so i put it on hold for the longest time, but still the top priority in my things to do list. luckily last week, i’ve finally managed to do so. with nothing to do at home, we trekked downtown to pay for the internet bill and open jared’s junior savings account, so that is kinda hitting two birds with one stone. i was originally planning to open at rcbc savings bank since they offer one year insurance to a kid member and his guardian plus they’ve got discount cards to several child-friendly establishments but since we are pressed for time and i am going to bdo anyway, i decided to just open a bank account for him there, too.

the requirements:

  • baby’s birth certificate
  • valid id of guardian (e.g. sss id, postal id, or passport)
  • 1×1 photo of guardian
  • Php 500.00 minimum deposit amount

the welcome letter arrived a few days after. (sorry for the bad pic, my digicam is bailing out on me again!)

another great christmas gift idea if you ask me. teaching our children the value of saving will do them good when they get older. plus it will be added security on your part knowing you will be setting aside a portion of your earnings for your children’s future. as for me, a whole year’s worth of savings goes to my son’s trust, before i  go spending it on holiday splurges!

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  1. that's a really wise decision, mommy vix. Kyle had an account too, kaya lang metrobank kasi malapit samin.

  2. This is very nice mommy. I’ll get my kids a savings account too however our bank here is UCPB which allows the child to get the bank account if he is 7 years old and knows how to write. It should also be a joint-account w/parents.

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