a stay-at-home-mum’s guide to toy buying

now that the christmas season is finally upon us, i am sure you are all in such a hurry to buy gifts for your children, nieces and nephews and inaanaks.  here are interesting and helpful tips you should remember in buying those children toys:
safe – children’s safety while playing with these toys are of sterling importance. of course who would want harmful chemicals like bpa lurking their baby’s toy as he chews away on his new soft book or swallowing a part of his toy car, or a car simply unraveling as your child mounts it. so make sure to check the label if that particular toy you have in mind passed standards on safety and do check if they are environment-friendly as that would mean no harmful chemicals are used in your toys.
age-appropriate – make sure you buy toys approriate for kids for simple reason that toys for older kids tend to have smaller bits and pieces which are utterly dangerous to smaller and younger babies for threat of being accidentally swallowed. 
educational – playing must also be learning time so make sure the toys you buy is not only something the kids will enjoy at play but will also be an instrument in learning too. pop-up books, board books for little babies and big story books are best bet for this!
bear these in mind as you do a round-up of christmas shopping for your loved ones and you can never go wrong.

happy gift-giving!

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