buzz away anti-mosquito patch

i bought a pack of this mosquito patch (5 individually wrapped patches in a pack for Php 150.00) from the last expomom bazaar. now that the terrors of dengue is abound, i’d like to make sure my son has all the protection he needed to shoo away those pesky mosquitoes!
this product in a nutshell:
  • i love the fact that it is safe to use even for babies since it has no harmful chemicals
  • it has no skin contact – all i have to do is attach the patch to my baby’s crib or the edge of the bed to protect us during the night
  • it is very portable and can be used outdoors too, simply put the patch to the edge of your baby’s clothes during play outside or to his stroller when you go out in the neighborhood or the nearest park
  • it is deet-free and contains high quality citronella oil which is an effective, natural insect repellant
  • it last up to 12 hours!
if you want to try it, you can visit proud mama store in multiply to order. 

note: i did not receive any compensation, either in kind or monetary, for this post. am simply reviewing this product to hopefully help other mums like me in their never-ending quest to find the best and safest products for their babies.

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