december 2010 official holidays

malacañang, thru an advisory, released the list of the official holidays for december 2010, beginning december 24 and ending january 03, 2011 with the exception of three working days, december 28-30 (tuesday – thursday). please note that rizal day (december 30) was moved to the nearest monday so that makes december 27 a regular holiday. 
here’s the list for your easy-reading:
Friday, December 24 – Additional Special (Non-Working) Day*
Saturday, December 25 – Christmas day; Regular Holiday; NWD*
Sunday, December 26 – NWD
Monday, December 27 – Monday nearest Rizal Day, December 30; Regular Holiday ; NWD*
Tuesday, December 28 – WD
Wednesday, December 29 – WD
Thursday, December 30 – WD
Friday, December 31 –  Last Day of the Year; Special NWD*
Saturday, January 1 – NWD
Sunday, January 2 – NWD
Monday, January 3 – WD
so to those who will be given extra day’s off from work, plan your next christmas adventure  with the family, for those who won’t even be affected (e.g. the call-center-working citizens), you have my sympathy, a working holiday passed by unnoticed in this simply stay-at-home mum’s corner of the world….

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