Everyday Eveready Moments

on mention of eveready batteries, a vivid image of my father and mother — sitting next to our old-school radio whilst listening to their favorite newscast in the early morning while having breakfast before i go to school or the favorite afternoon drama series while taking our lunch, or brandishing a flashlight like a beacon in a darken room during power blackouts — comes to mind with that warm and fuzzy and secure feelings that only their presence can bring. i remember sleeping to my heart’s content without a care in the world during impromptu school holidays brought about by storms, knowing that someone else is there to look after everyone while i dose to dreamland or snuggle in my bed all day, i remember the sheer peace and content knowing someone else is in charge of me my siblings.  i  just also realized that i have quite a number of lasting and memorable moments shared with eveready batteries.  they are part of the memories of my parents i will always remember and a tradition i will try to continuously put to practice. i remember every bit of battery-operated appliance, down to the tv and dvd remotes, was powered by eveready batteries.
my favorite childhood memories will have to be composed of the weekend afternoons spent driving around our place and nearby on our bikes, all five of us, with our papa. and our old and worn portable radio always tagged along (i’ve learned music appreciation early on in life because of my father). the worn out radio signed off a long time ago, but we keep it stashed in the living room display stand, we will never have the energy to throw it away or sell it to the junk shop, mainly for sentimental reasons, it is one of our tangible mementos, i guess we are just a big bunch of sentimental fools like our father…
when i started working, the music lover that i am,  in an unfamiliar town with strangers,  somehow i managed to survive the agony of being away from home for the first time, for the longest time, and a big thanks to my tiny little radio which was later on replaced by a better, more high-tech discman for keeping me company.
eveready batteries have really been a quintessential part of our lives. now that i’m a parent too, and is terribly missing the company and guidance of my mama (you see my parents passed on more than three years ago, my mother three months earlier than my father), eveready batteries still play a vital role in my life. as my career description changed from being an office girl, into being a call center agent to a full-time, stay-at-home-mum, it has remained faithful and versatile enjoying this change with me. from using it to power up my portable discman of long ago, i know use eveready to power up my son’s chicco musical table and his vtech kiddie mobile phone. 
jared with his cuz, kuya sean, playing with his musical table..
this time, with his mobile phone..
i’ve been around for 3 decades and so, and hope to be around for 3 or 5 more (or just as long as my son and future grandchildren need me!). eveready batteries have been around a century here in the philippines, i just wish they will be around much longer so jared can continue the family tradition.
my entry to nuffnang’s everyday eveready moments.

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