friday fill-ins


i’ve lost count of all the friday fill-ins i made, surely there weren’t that many yet. but here is my take for this week’s edition (note: am skipping the christmas songs acronym, i’m going loco trying to figure out the puzzle you see^^)
here goes:
1. What in the world can we do to make this place a better and saner place for our children.
2. my little bundle of joy will be less cranky and more of an angel if well fed.

3. Go dream and reach for the stars.

4. yesterday i sent the christmas card i bought for my good friend, beejay, which i managed to write on in between diaper change and bottlefeeding my ever growing baby boy.

5. I keep one of my favorite traditions, that is letter-writing, alive, at least once or twice a year.

6. i may risk the trouble of going citybound tomorrow to bring jared to the cpkids christmas party or not.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to just turning in early to cuddle with my son, tomorrow my plans include scouring the mall to look for jared’s pants or shorts or finally use my big & small co. gc’s and Sunday, I want to go to de casia memorial park, it has been ages since i went to visit my parents!

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