mommy moments: give love on christmas day

is it a blessing or a curse that jared is not big enough to tell me what he wants for christmas? i know that these days are numbered and i might as well cherish and relish them while they are here. and though i will have to be creative yet again to find the most suitable gift for my son and hopefully the one he will enjoy the most, i will know by his giggles and by him having a grand time playing with his new toy that i have found the perfect one. 
photos from learning is fun site
i wanted to buy him something educational since we will be starting with his learning activities next year so i got these set of brainy baby board books for him to read, browse and of course, seems to me his most favorite thing to do with his books, chew! and i throw in these nice flash cards for additional learning and fun.
photo from indigo baby

i also wanted to buy him these eco-friendly toy ever since i saw it from indigo baby’s site but this one’s good for kids three years and up so i still have two more years before i can finally purchase it for my son, good for me so i can have more time to save for it.

lovelies from amazon
i also wanted to get him some of these stackable toys. he is beginning to take interest in assembling parts of things and he was using his powder container, cotton buds cup as guinea pigs and i noticed he really digs this activity. 
i still have a few more days to go and a few more trips to the mall so we’ll see, if i see something that catches my eye and my son’s fancy, and if the purse will permit it, i might buy him something else.
and yes, lastly, i vow to give my undivided attention as a gift to my son for the incoming year, i know that mum has been preoccupied with blogging, the home chores and whatnot, and her ever demanding cafeworld game on facebook, but the growing baby needs much more attention in the future and i will be up to the task.
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  1. These are very nice gifts. btw, Brainy Baby has CDS/DVDs. I have one: Brainy Baby Right Brain. Actually there are 2 of it. Brainy baby right brain and Brainy baby left brain. That way, it would be balance learning.

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