my christmas wish this year: a nokia c7

christmas is definitely in the air and just a few more days, 2010 will be gone for good and it is time to welcome 2011 with open arms, hopeful…as we highly anticipate the best holidays of them all, parties here and there, shopping frenzy thick in the air, apart from the extra weight we shall be having at the end of all of these and the shopping bags and gifts quickly piling up our rooms and our trees, we also pile up on mementos and memories and amongst that we accumulate gigabytes upon gigabytes of photos in our laptops, pcs and mobile phones. simple treasures to remember momentous occasions by. and i simply love photos and taking them too. 
so when someone asked me if i want a nokia C7 for christmas, a big yes with a cheer is my instant answer. care to know why? one (amongst its many outstanding characteristics) feature won my heart over – the 8 megapixel camera! imagine all the high-quality photos of jared i will be able to capture and all the high-definition baby firsts videos i will be able to make! simply imagine jared in 8 megapixel clarity! that alone is enough for me to make a beeline to the nearest mobile phone shop and grab one for myself, if my pocket will allow me, that is! imagine finally chucking the old and rusty digicam i have for this glam one, and i never have to worry about the hassle of carrying a phone and a separate digicam, since i can have both in nokia c7! i can even play jared’s favorite lullaby aloud with its powerful Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9 and due to its sleek design constructed from polished stainless steel and glass, i can simply tuck this baby into my jeans pocket and whisk it out the instant an inspiring photo op comes, whilst having jared safely tucked in another arm! check here for more yummy features of nokia c7 and tell me what more can you ask for?
imagine a consummate multi-tasker (a mom, a blogger, a nanny, a frustrated writer, and several other roles rolled into one) meeting her consummate dream gadget! it will be such a great union, an instant hit! imagine making your life a tad much easier! i would love to stop imagining and i am only wishing santa (or at least my personal santa!) is reading this…
how about you, what is your christmas wish this year?

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