the picture company – santa’s little darling contest

i caught wind of this contest the day it was about to officially end, exciting prizes are up for grabs:grand prize: one tpc free membership gc +  two tpc 8×10 prints + gymboree free pass card
15 consolation prize: one tpc free family shoot and a 4×6 print + one gymboree free pass card. and you simply have to send in a photo of your baby with santa outfit, beside the christmas tree or with christmas theme. so without second thoughts and with this photo in mind i quickly logged on to my e-mail and send the picture company this photo of jared from last christmas’ event in my former workplace. thinking i have everything to gain and nothing to lose, but still having second thoughts whether the photo will be approved (see it wasn’t really of sterling quality, ayt?), excitedly clicked on the send button.
december one is the announcement of qualified entries ( the reply to my email just acknowledged that they received my message and that i will know if it is approved or not the next day) i had this in my mind first thing in the morning and since upon checking my emails and quickly scanning thru the new ones and saw no messages from the picture company, i thought that due to poor quality my bet was not approved. so i went about my day as usual. i was offline for the most part since we have to do our weekly groceries with the daddy and baby. i just had the chance to check the net awhile before heading out to our favorite place to do our groceries. 
with the rush of the wednesday afternoon in our midst and the painful task of remembering which else to buy from the grocery aisle (i did not bring any list with me this time, so it really was a time consuming, but nevertheless enjoyable, task) and yes, not to mention a quick swing-by in that bodega (warehouse) sale (loads of lcd tvs at discounted price) the picture entry thought got lost in the maelstrom of other thoughts inside my head. 
surprise of all surprises, i opened my fb page just awhile back and guess what’s waiting for me?yep this cozy photo of my bebe  with santa in the picture company’s santa’s little darling batch 2 contest, photo number 113!
now i need to ask each and everyone of you a small favor. see this is a “like” contest, meaning the photo with the most number of likes when the contest ends win. can i ask you therefore to take a moment of your time and like the picture companys page on facebook and simply like my jareds photo. i will really appreciate it. thanks so much. and do let me know if you want me to like your entries too.

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  1. thanks for your lovely comment…i've added you as a friend on fb and is heading down to follow your blog now…:)

  2. thanks for your lovely comment…i've added you as a friend on fb and is heading down to follow your blog now…:)

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