top 100 baby names of 2010

naming your unborn baby is quite a daunting task. there is just way to many suggestions and unsolicited advice, ideas running down your head, inspirations and whatnot. you can name it after your great grandmother or your favorite rockstar icon or vocalist (just like what daddy did!) or you can get insightful ideas on many a baby book available in the bookstore. 
to give you mummies-to-be an inkling on what other parent’s chose to name their babies, here is the  the top 100 baby names of 2010 the babycenter released just recently.

hands down to sophia for dethroning isabella as the most popular girl’s name and kudos to aiden for being the best bet for popular boy’s name for six years in a row and welcome to liam and abigail for being part of the top 10!

here is a peak of who made it to the top 10 spot:
top 10 girls name of 2010                                     top 10 boys name of 2010
1.   sophia                                                          1.  aiden
2.   isabella                                                         2.  jacob
3.   olivia                                                            3.  jackson
4.   emma                                                          4.  ethan
5.   chloe                                                            5.  jayden
6.   ava                                                               6.  noah
7.   lily                                                                7.  logan
8.   madison                                                         8.  caden
9.   addison                                                          9.  lucas
10. abigail                                                           10. liam
my baby’s first name made it to the top 10 spot, if this is good or bad, i have no idea, but i’ll expect to know more little baby ethans once he goes to preschool i think. to check how your pick fair this year, or simply to have more name suggestions, just visit top 100 baby names of 2010.
enjoy baby-naming!

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