a pleasant surprise?

last sunday i received a text and a message in facebook from my dear friend, beejay, my tukayo (we share the same first name) asking me if i can go to their place come monday so we can meet up. 
imagine my surprise when i read that. i have not seen my friend since our college graduation which was oh-so-many years ago! (i graduated in 1999, so you can just do the math!) and to top it all off i know that she was very well on the family way and is due in several months. nevertheless, i was very excited to see my friend after a long time so i immediately inquired with our other friends if  they will be available for meet up on the said day. we were originally going to activefun by that time, but i told daddy to reschedule some other time since it is much important to go to beejay’s so i can see her and her growing tummy and also, for jared to see his ninang (godmother) for the first time.
amy is overseas so there is obviously no way she can come with us, meia can’t leave the house since no one will be available to look after her mum and same with sharon since her son paolo does not arrive home before 3pm. jackie, who works in manila, told me she will try to ask her boss if she can go on undertime but turned out she can’t.  the only one who confirmed is jhapon and we agreed to meet up and go to beejay’s together. so with jared in tow, and daddy on the driver seat, armed with my camera (since i plan to take loads of pictures with the very preggie beejay!) off we go to guiguinto.
being in beejay’s house does bring loads of memories. i remember my friend, soft-spoken, the very mahinhin (demure) type, what you’d call a dalagang pilipina, refined and ladylike (well compared to me who’s always been unladylike!lol!), sweet and thoughtful, the one who will always have something for you on your birthday (much to your surprise cause others won’t even remember it is your birthday!). i remember that even when she migrated to the states with her family, she will never fail to keep in touch, either with a surprise overseas call or an old-school snail mail (which i totally love!). she will never fail to send me letters and cards (there is one for every occasion like birthday, valentines and christmas!) and i soo look forward to receiving her mails (i will write a separate post about it). 
being in beejay’s place made me miss her more. i remember thinking just a couple of weeks back how i regret that my only pregnant friend is a thousand miles away, i would’ve love to visit her and i remember looking at jared’s unused stuffs and the ones he’s overgrown thinking to myself “i wish beejay is not so far away so i can give her jared’s stuffs and hand-me-downs.” so you can only imagine my delight when i found out she’s here. i quickly gathered the things i’d like to give her and put it on my johnson’s bassinet. too bad i was not able to take a photo of it…i was simply delighted with my handy work i can’t wait to give it to my friend and see her reaction.
when we got there, it was the older woman, who looked after their house while they are away, and david, beejay’s husband, who greeted us. as we settled in, we immediately asked about beejay and much to our chagrin, it turned out she didn’t really come for a visit and was left in the states since her condition prevented her from travelling! the joke’s on us and to think i was the one who spread the news about her arrival and is very excited to invite our friends to visit her! she got us on that one! i remember david doing a roll-call from a list, i am sure beejay provided, as we don’t really know each other and are meeting for the first time. it turned out that beejay has a little surprise for us…

glad to know that victoria secret’s not tested on animals
i enjoyed the chocolates + skippy with the rest of my family and am loving every bit of my victoria secret body mist and lotion (if only for it, i can forget the whole scam beejay’s pulled off!hehe!). the gifts are poor substitute for your presence but it is something i really appreciate..thank you! am only hoping we could see you soonest and remember our thoughts and prayers are with you always. we miss you my dear friend!
note: will insert a photo of my friend here once i got her nod:)

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